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Zachary P. Montgomery Author- THE ROSWELL CONNECTION


by Zachary P. Montgomery

For the first time, the 33rd Degree Freemasons occupy the majority of the U.S. House and Senate, and over 90 percent of the top ranking military positions within NATO and the U.S. armed services. The Freemasons, working in union with the evil Greys, are poised to implement their plan to exterminate humanity and give birth to their treasured One-World-Order, where they will repopulate Earth with only Freemason offspring, in exchange for allowing the Greys to mine and extract a vast sum of Earth’s natural resources.

With the date to enact their plan looming, the Greys are making final preparations to exterminate over 95 percent of the world’s population, while the 33rd Degree Freemasons are making their final arrangements to survive the event for the ten years the Greys have been given to extract and mine the planet.

Dax, the City Planner for Roswell, New Mexico is showing a subdivision developer from Dallas some property on the outskirts of the City when they literally fall upon an old abandoned Nike Missile Silo. Curious, the group ventures down to the bottom where they find a door ajar along the exterior silo wall. Looking through it, they are stunned to find a massive tunnel with a high-speed Maglev train running through it.

Without any of them knowing it, the doomsday clock for humanity is ticking, and their natural curiosity eventually leads Dax and his associates to uncover what the Greys and Freemasons have planned. Realizing their new discovery has put their lives in jeopardy, Dax and his friends’ frantically search for a way to stop the Greys and Freemason’s wicked plans, which causes them to form an alliance with the Greens and Reptoids – if they have any chance at succeeding.

Residing within each of us is the dark, unshakeable knowledge that we will experience an Earth-shattering, devastatingly cataclysmic event during our lifetime. Everybody has it. Nobody wants it. Everybody senses it. Nobody can explain it. Everybody knows it. Nobody wants to. And…nobody can escape it.

It resides in the darkest tunnels of our thoughts, hiding, lurking… waiting to expose itself like a flasher in the park. It comes in the void between wakefulness and sleep. It is always on the periphery, never in full view. It cannot be grabbed. It cannot be held. It will not allow us to inspect it, comprehend it.

It slithers in without a jolt, never warning of its arrival. It lived with us in caves. It is with us today, only dreadfully more potent. Its seed infested within us at birth, we know it before we articulate our first word. It draws strength from each negative thought… tenfold from each act. It destroys some, scars most, and affects all, only discarding us on the foul wind of our last exhale.

It is written in every religious text and arrogantly misinterpreted by scholars. Its staunchest believers flood our asylums, allowing self-important psychologists to repeatedly misdiagnose it. Dwelling on it converts sinners into counterfeit saints, turns geniuses into babbling idiots and drives simpletons to suicide. Contemplating it triggers adrenalin, nausea and hopelessness. It is the killer of dreams. Nightmares could not exist without it. It is the core, innate sense that gives birth to and nurtures all survival instincts. It is the root from which all phobias take hold and the sustenance on which they feed until they are full-blown psychoses.

Every generation before you knew it would occur during their lifetime. Entire cults committed mass suicide because of it. Countless quit their jobs, their families, their lives and ran naked in the streets in anticipation of it. Congratulations, my friend, yours was the first generation to get it right. I guess that makes you the winner.

Fear no more… the end is not near. Armageddon, doomsday, the apocalypse—call it what you will—the end is here.

Available Amazon.com

Zach’s Bio:

Zach Montgomery was born a fifth-generation native of Arizona and has lived and worked in many states, but none as interesting as his years spent as City Planning Director for Roswell, New Mexico, where he also served as the Co-Chair for three annual UFO Festivals, and as Vice-President of the Board of Directors for the International UFO Museum & Research Center, where he was afforded the opportunity to meet lots of colorful characters. Zach was the third generation to graduate from the New Mexico Military Institute high school and junior college, before acquiring a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with the University of Phoenix. Not a Rhoades scholar, Zach played football and threw the discus to help pay for college, a decision his body is just now starting to pay the price for. An avid animal-lover, Zach treasures the day the two teenagers are finally old enough to move out, so he and his wife Carol Ann, aka “Ginger” can spend the next 60 years or so being adored and loved unconditionally by their furrier family members. Zach and his family currently reside in Wyoming.

Zach Montgomery cityplanner@vcn.com

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J. E. Gurley Author- BLOOD LUST


by J. E. Gurley

No more sparkly vampires. What the vampire Detective Tack Hardin is pursuing is a monster, a vicious mutilator of young women … a Chupacabra, intelligent and ancient and now it’s after Hardin.

from Severed Press

Now available from Amazon.com

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Sandra Farris Author- HOBO & MEMORY OF A MURDER


by Sandra Farris

Playmates were far and few for ten-year old Joby Richards in the late 1800’s, so when a feral dog, Hobo, shows up, Jody is determined to make friends. But the arrival of a mysterious stranger puts both the boy and dog at great risk. Did Hobo sense the dark secret the stranger harbored?


by Sandra Farris

Bailey Collins regained consciousness in the passenger seat of her wrecked car. Her first concern was for her husband, but it was a stranger with a bullet hole in his head behind the wheel. A gun lay on the seat between them Who was this man? Where were they and how did they get there? Most of all, did she kill the stranger? Bailey couldn’t remember. She knew her name, where she lived, so why couldn’t she answer any of these questions?

Both available as e-books on Amazon.com, Barnesannoble.com, ITunes.com, Smashwords.com, and Kobo.com for 99 cents.

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Abingdon Theatre Company- Announces 20th Anniversary Season! & The Sunday Series & Abingdon Bay Ridge One-Act Festival

Abingdon is thrilled to announce the 20th Anniversary Season!
We have FOUR productions this year, one of which will be held in our beloved June Havoc Theatre! We also have an exciting new program for families, Pop Up Playhouse, which has two FREE series for kids: Fairytale Fridays and Storytime Saturdays. We will continue to book comedians, musicians, solo artists and others for our Sunday Series, and, as always, offer FREE readings of new works on Monday and Thursdays as part of our Page2Stage program. We hope you’ll join us for this special Season of gorgeous new works.

Each Subscription includes 4 tickets (one to each production), 4 free tickets to any of our Sunday Series, reserved seating for Pop Up Playhouse events and Page2Stage readings, E-Bulletins with the latest news, opportunities to meet and chat with our artists, and invitations to special events.

Mainstage Productions

MARCH MADNESS – October 26 – November 18, 2012
by Mike Vogel
directed by Donald Brenner
With the economy struggling and newspapers dying, Maury and his fellow reporters devise a desperate plan that will allow one of them to escape office hell and live his or her dream. The office sports pool, once a fun diversion, becomes a deadly serious game when the ante is substantially raised, and what’s at stake becomes no less than their lives. And yes, it’s a comedy!
(In the Dorothy Strelsin Theatre)

BODEGA BAY – January 25 – February 17, 2013
by Elisabeth Karlin
directed by Sturgis Warner
Nobody notices or remembers Louise Finch. With her life in shambles, this shy and awkward soul who has never ventured beyond Staten Island, sets out into the dangerous unknown to find the mother who left her and her troubled brother years earlier. It is a strange and zany odyssey that hurls Louise across a country populated by the peculiar and turns this insignificant spectator into an active participant in a chaotic world.
(In the Dorothy Strelsin Theatre)

THE LAST WILL – April 5 – May 5, 2013
by Robert Brustein
directed by Austin Pendleton
Towards the end of his life Shakespeare returns to Stratford, having given up playwriting in favor of charging extortionate rents on his properties. Suffering from a fatal mental disease, he somehow becomes convinced that his wife has been unfaithful to him with his brother, and as a result, devises a will leaving her only his “second best bed.” Fortunately for us, his art redeems him.

(In the June Havoc Theatre)

THE GOOD BOY – April 26 – May 19, 2013
by Michael Bonnabel
directed by Darin Anthony

This is the humorous and heartwarming tale of Michael Bonnabel’s struggle to gain independence from his large, loving and complicated family, led by deaf parents. Told in sign, speech and song, Bonnabel explores the weight of the adult responsibilities he faced as a young boy, as well as his yearning to bond with his emotionally distant father.
(In the Dorothy Strelsin Theatre)
Individual Tickets go ON SALE SEPTEMBER 10TH! 2012

The Sunday Series is back and better than ever this year. Almost every Sunday night Abingdon brings in artists for the Sunday Series. Comedy, jazz, opera, solo shows – you name it, it’s happening! Last season’s shows included The Victor Verhaeghe Hour (yes, he’ll be returning!), Nancy Redman’s Clutter: I’m Saving My Life and It’s Killing Me, Hookups and Hangups, and Opera Feroce’s Amor & Psyche. Shows are booked continually throughout the Season!
Look for announcements on our Website, via Eblasts and on Facebook about upcoming shows!

Our newest programming addition is the Pop Up Playhouse. Uniquely situated under the Abingdon banner to develop new children’s work by American playwrights, PUP will produce engaging PG theatre that the whole family will love!

Fairytale Fridays presents two 15-minute fairytales for young children (and chosen by them!) with audience interaction, opportunities to meet the actors, and the occasional craft workshop afterwards.

Storytime Saturdays offers original full-length fairytales for older children. Adaptations and orginial work, these tales will be presented as staged readings with music, masks and puppetry to enhance the language.

All the shows are completely free and provide family-friendly snacks.

On the calendar:

Dramatic Adventure Theatre presents A GIRL WITHOUT WINGS – Saturday, November 17 at 10am
by Jason Williamson
directed by Kathleen Amshoff

A GIRL WITHOUT WINGS is a playful and poetic riff on a native Andean folktale in which live actors are immersed in a vibrant puppet world. Wicked hummingbirds dart through the air, brightly colored threads of prayer reach for the gods, and a storm of shoes rains from the sky in this new play for family audiences, which brings to vivid life the story of a lonely Condor who falls in love with a spunky shepherd girl named Chaska.

Abingdon Bay Ridge One-Act Festival at Christ Church
TOMORROW! Saturday, August 25 at 7pm

Submissions were invited from playwrights who have had a history with Abingdon and who have shown talent and dedication to writing full-length and short plays. Treatments were submitted on a social theme: “All mankind struggles to balance personal needs with their responsibility to society.” Three Abingdon staff members selected three playwrights to receive a commission: Kevin Armento, Bo List, and Jen Silverman.

Three guest professionals will attend and judge the festival, naming one playwright as the winner of The Father Hamblin Festival Award and an additional cash prize. The Staged Readings at Christ Church Bay Ridge will be cast with professional actors and directed by Jan Buttram, Kim T. Sharp and Vincent Scott.
Suggested Donation $10 CASH ONLY at the Door
Christ Church Bay Ridge
7301 Ridge Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY

HENRY’S DILEMMA by Leonard Bogarad
Thursday, August 30, 2PM
On the day of his wedding, Henry Bainbridge tells his fiancé he is none other than Henry David Thoreau. His fiancé demands that he recant, pr

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