by Richard David

Not in Bookstores

The President surreptitiously works to destroy America. Citizens arise and fight to save it.

A covert war against America by the Washington Government is unveiled in this startling fiction presentation completed in 2008.
The culture is gradually being destroyed to level America into insignificance.

President Robert Evil attacks the Institutions of: Government For the People, Family, Christianity, Media, and Education.

He discovers MAD Men are the most powerful weapon, and he uses them to devastate Family and Christianity.

First Lady Jezzie leads a separate attack and touches off an Illegal Alien Tsunami to create a diversity that divides the culture.

The President and First Lady act in concert with a force behind them that seeks to reorganize the world to bring Peace and Prosperity For Everyone, ForEver. To reorganize, America the most powerful nation, must first be taken down.

Old Timer Citizens resistance Men, men of their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, men who remember the way America was, arise Citizen Cell by Citizen Cell and fight to preserve the nation.

If they fail, Government Of the People, For the People … shall … perish from the earth.

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