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by Patty Wiseman

Young and rebellious, Ruth Squire defied her parents to live the high life of young people in 1929 Detroit. Handsome and responsible, Peter Kirby worked diligently to make his family’s life easier. Rich and powerful, Erick Horton held the fates of many families in his hands.

These three lives intertwine through the differing worlds of high society, middle-class life, and organized crime, culminating in an engagement, a kidnapping, a misunderstanding … and a murder.

Patty Wiseman- The daughter of a WWII Navy vet who survived Pearl Harbor, Patty Wiseman was raised in Washington State. She attended The Wesleyan College in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, then moved to Northeast Texas where she has resided for over 30 years.

She has several short stories published and is currently working on two other novels. She has two grown sons and fifteen grandchildren.

Patty currently lives in Texas with her wonderful husband, Ron, and dog Cutter

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