Joyce Aros Author- THE COCHISE COUNTY COWBOYS Who were these men?

THE COCHISE COUNTY COWBOYS who were these men?

written and illustrated by Joyce Aros

McLaury Brothers, Billy Claiborne, Billy Clanton, Phin Clanton, Old Man Clanton, Ike Clanton, Sherm McMasters, Frank Frink, Pete Spence, and Curly Bill.

Joyce Aros combines her considerable artistic skill with careful research plus a fair amount of intuition, thus giving us a new and refreshing look at a variety of Cochise County “cowboy” characters associated with stories about Southern Arizona and the Earps.

Copies available from the author and the publisher

Published by Goose Flats Publishing P.O. Box 813 Tombstone, Arizona 85638
(520) 457-3864

We live in the twenty first century with all its complexities. How could we ever grasp what life was like for the people of Tombstone in the newly established territory of Arizona? We think we can but we really can’t.

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