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Trinity University Press- New Releases www.tupress.trinity.edu

Trinity University Press- New Releases http://www.tupress.trinity.edu


Following on the huge success o 1, 2, 3, SI! A NUMBERS BOOK IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH, COLORS EVERYWHERE! uses memorable masterpieces from the San Antonio Museum of Art to teach colors in English and Spanish. Introduce your early reader (or early listener) to beautiful works of art that are as fun and funky as they are functional.


A tense nomination battle and likely two-man race that leads all the way to the convention. Movement conservatives combating the establishment. A string of unpredictable primaries. A steady flow of candidate comparisons to Ronald Reagan. Sound familiar? Welcome to 1976. REAGAN’S COMEBACK: FOUR WEEKS IN TEXAS THAT CHANGED AMERICAN POLITICS FOREVER captures all the drama of the 1976 presidential primaries that reinvigorated Ronald Reagan’s failing political career and set the stage for an eerie and exciting repeat in 2012.


What better way to learn shapes than with eye-catching works of art? With art from across Latin America and beyond, children will become armchair world travelers and art connoisseurs in this charming bilingual board book. The second in the nine-book series ARTE KIDS, HELLO, CIRCULOS! is published in partnership with the San Antonio Museum of art and the San Antonio Public Library Foundation.


Moving Deftly from subject to subject, National Book Award Winner Gerald Stern writes STEALING HISTORY with an associatve imagination and ferocious delight. In eighty-four quick and memorable essays, interspersed by a handful of poems, Stern creates a collage of remembrance, rage, wit, and wisdom. What emerges in their lyrical intersection is far from non-fiction as we know it. It’s something thrilling in its range and wild in its style.


Trek through the Hawai’ian wildness with journalist Pamela Frierson in this first-person account of her ten-year exploration of isolated landscapes and undisturbed ecosystems. THE LAST ATOLL takes readers on a rare journey to eight of these remote and ancient islands, including the Kure Atoll, the oldest Hawai’ian island and the northernmost atoll in the world. In her 1.200-mile travels, Frierson discovers a breathtakingly fragile world and nearly forgotten but well-preserved human history.


Visit Arturo Madrid’s New Mexico and you’ll leave enchanted, moved, and somehow stilled by his gentle elegance. With photographs by Miguel Gandert and storytelling by Arturo Madrid, IN THE COUNTRY OF EMPTY CROSSES is a stirring tribute to a Protestant family’s journey through Catholic New Mexico. At once sparse yet radiant, beautiful yet bare, this a story that’s hard to forget, and a land that’s even harder to leave.

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Trinity University Theatre- Announces 2012- 2013 Season


is proud to announce 2012-2013 Season

Fall 2012


by Tony Kuashner . Susanna Morrow, director

September 28-30 and October 3-6

In this dark comedy, an idealistic group of actors, writers, and filmmakers naively assume they can stop Hitler’s juggenaut through art and political action. As they slowly realize they are losing to the Nazis – and that their lives are at risk – the friends must choose the paths they’ll take: resistance, compromise, exile, or compliance. The play examines the nature of evil and the role of the artist as activist.


Adapted from Shakespeare’s THE TEMPEST

Roberto Prestigiacomo, director

Produced with Stieren Guest Artist Teatro del Drago

November 9-11 and 14-17

Created by the 2012-13 Stieren Guest Artist Teatro del Drago from Ravenna, Italy, and Roberto Prestigiacomo, LA TEMPESTA re-tells this magical story through the use of puppets, marionettes and shadow theatre. La Tempesta promises to be visually stunning, entertaining, and novelty never seen on the stages of San Antonio.

Spring 2013


by Tom Stoppard . Stacey Connelly, director

February 15-17 and 20-23

On an idyllic country estate in Derbyshire, England, a 13 year-old genius and her tutor are about to make history with a brilliant mathematical proof, now lost to history. In the same location, two hundred years later, rival authors – a popular historian and a self-promoting academic – are in a mad, lusty, and hilarious race to uncover that secret. Considered Stoppard’s master work.


by Stanislaw Witkiewicz . Kyle Gillette, director

April 12-14 and 17-20

Set aboard the engine room of a train hurtling toward its destruction, THE CRAZY LOCOMOTIVE both parodies and embodies the artistic movement of futurism as well as Einstein’s theory of relativity and the melodramatic conventions of silent film. Provocative, absurd, and hilarious, the play asks big questions about the progress of industrial civilization and the fatal course of history.

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Odyssey Storytelling – Presents “HAPPY CAMPERS: THE GREAT OUTDOORS” August 2, 2012

Odyssey Storytelling – Presents “HAPPY CAMPERS: THE GREAT OUTDOORS” August 2, 2012

Please join us for the next Odyssey Storytelling Show on Thursday, August 2, 2012

Show at 7 p.m., Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Fluxx Studio and Gallery, 416 E. 9th St., Tucson, $7

Stories that involve tents, Winnebagos, or cabins. The joy of first kisses and the sting of bug bites. Swimming holes. Scouts. Summer camp, band camp, church camp. The campfire where you roasted your weenie, squished your s’mores, were terrorized by ghost stories and all that kumbaya—we’re gonna camp it up. Get out your flashlights and sleeping bags!

Storytellers: Retired postal worker and current world traveler Linda Cross; Tucson writer Molly McCloy; avid cyclist and current KXCI-FM 91.3 deejay Martha Retallick; local musician and assistant program manager for Pima Community College Adult Education Jim Lipson, confused traveler Josh Wheeler, and Story Arts Group intern and creative writer Eliza Weeks.

Note that there is road construction on 4th Ave and on Congress so plan your travels accordingly.

FOR MORE INFO – 520-730-4112
Adam Hostetter, associate producer, adam@odysseystorytelling.com
Sarah K. Smith, associate producer, sarah@odysseystorytelling.com
Penelope Starr, producer, penelope@odysseystorytelling.com
Website: http://www.odysseystorytelling.com ~ Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/Odysseystorytelling ~ Blog: http://www.tucsoncitizen.com/stories

Odyssey Storytelling creating connections ~ one story at a time

Odyssey Storytelling is a program of StoryArts Group, Inc. a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization. Learn more about us at http://www.storyartsgroup.org

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