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Mattie Lennon Irish Author/Poet- TOO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS


by Mattie Lennon

Emails offering flat garden hoses, penile extensions, 2% mortgages in North Carolina or equipment to spy on neighbours, I usually delete unread.

Recently, however, one caught my eye:
Men’s and ladies prestige watches for all occasions… 98% accuracy… Includes all proper markings… authentic weight.

It reminded me of my own foray into the world of retailing chronometers. In the early summer of 1972 I discovered a source where I could purchase large quantities of affordable, imported, watches at £2 each. (Hector Grey pointed out to the young, entrepreneurial Bill Cullen that if you buy an article for a pound and sell it for two pounds that is one-percent profit. According to the Scotsman’s reckoning I was only making .25% percent on the watches; I was selling them for £2: 50. each.)

The streets of Dublin proved to be lucrative for me in the month of June. Through hard work, a lot of patter and strategic planning I sold hundreds of watches in the Capital. Sales dropped in early July. Had everyone in Dublin bought a watch from me?

On Sunday 16th July, a scorching day, I headed for McHale Park, Castlebar to the Connaught Final. Roscommon beat Mayo 5:8 to 3:10 and I boarded the Dublin train with pockets bulging.

In the All-Ireland hurling final Kilkenny beat Cork 3:34 to 5:11 and watches were on offer to all.

And on the penultimate Sunday of September, as the final whistle blew, I was waiting outside Croke Park. Kerry V Offaly had ended in a draw. Both sets of supporters were jubilant in anticipation of a win next time out. Fob-watches were purchased for wives and girlfriends… and sometimes both.

I was, once again, ready for the replay on 15th October. Offaly beat Kerry 1:9 to 0:13. Watches would adorn muscular wrists in Banager and Blennerville.

I found that the only section of the Irish community completely out of the watch market was the Greyhound fraternity. (Perhaps they were only interested in stopwatches). A visit to Harold’s Cross resulted in not one sale.

When Percy Bysshe Shelley was selling his book Address To The Irish People, at the Gresham Hotel, in 1812, he said, “I stand by the window and wait ’til I see who looks likely. Then I throw a book at him”. I didn’t use the poet’s marketing ploy but one hundred and sixty years later and twenty yards from the prestigious Hotel, on 03rd November I was selling outside the Savoy Cinema in O’Connell Street when a well-dressed man of rural-Irish background asked me, “How much for four watches?”

The lapel of his fashionable, fingertip-to-hip-length, fawn coat failed to conceal the tell tale strap of a Walkie-talkie stretched diagonally across his chest. This didn’t bother me. In the preceding months I had met literally hundreds of Guards in the course of my selling. Some had bought watches and with many others I had exchanged good-natured banter. But, seemingly, this was different.

If Garda John McGonigle had asked where I had gotten my wares I suppose I could have quoted William Paley’s Natural Theology (1802), “Suppose I found a watch upon the ground, and it should be enquired how the watch happened to be in that place… the inference, we think is inevitable… ” or I could have given him the name and address of my wholesaler.

But he didn’t ask. Instead he called for a patrol car and I was conveyed to Store Street station. The driver was a, civil, plain-clothes officer who asked if I had, “ever been in trouble before”? I shared the back seat with a twenty-stone Inspector. He went a long way towards proving the theory that fat people are jolly. He found the fact that forty watches for which I had paid hard-earned cash, were being confiscated, hilarious. “You wudda had a profitable night on’y ye met the wrong man” he guffawed.

Back in the station McGonigle suggested that the watches weren’t of top quality, as if I had been claiming that they were Omegas.

When I asked if I could make a phone call, Garda McGonigle was the one to answer, “No”.

Eventually I was asked where I got the watches and I gave the name and address of my supplier who was based a ten-minute drive from the station. Was my alibi checked out? No.

The squad-car driver put me in a cell and formed the opinion that it wasn’t necessary to confiscate my belt or tie. “You don’t look like the sort of fellow that would hang himself”. He looked in on me later and when I asked him what time it was, adding,” Isn’t it hard lines when a man starts out with forty watches and ends up asking someone else the time?” he laughed; a genuine laugh.

In the small hours of the morning, while pondering on what I was missing (Johnny Flynn had been playing at the Ierne) the shouts and language in the adjoining cells made me thankful that I wasn’t a law-breaker or a Guard.

My first cell-mate was an intelligent individual. The sort you could talk to. He was removed and replaced by a well-dressed teenager who was probably a hard man out on the street but allowed his vulnerability to show once locked up. I learned from a page from the Irish Independent, which lay on the “bed”, that my friend Dick Trueman had been appointed Secretary of the United Arts Club. Towards dawn I was presented with a Charge-sheet which proclaimed that I was being charged with,” feloniously receiving forty watches… “.

When I insisted on reading the document I was accused of being, ” very cagey”.

Though nobody had asked me what was my trade or profession the “Occupation” line on the sheet was filled with the words, “No business”.

When my term of incarceration came to an end (the only night of my life spent in a cell) and the crisp November air of Northside Dublin assailed my face, I was in a position to review the words of George A.Birmingham; “The Irish Police Barrack is invariably clean, occasionally picturesque, but it is never comfortable”. If Mr. Birmingham had ever visited Store Street he would have omitted the bit about “invariably clean”.

The burly, polite, Garda who ushered me into the “meat-wagon” asked,” Were you batin’ the polis last night?”

I answered in the negative without elaboration. (Come to think of it, not alone have I not indulged in “batin’ the polis” since, but somewhere among my collection of newspaper cuttings, Clancy Brothers records and knick-knacks picked up in the Dandelion Market is an interesting letter; It is from superintendent Micheal Carolin expressing his “deep gratitude” for my “assistance rendered to Gardai Eaton Touhy and Brian Woods who were under attack on Blackditch Road, Ballyfermot”.

So, I didn’t agree with Brendan Behan when he said that there was no human situation so grim that the appearance of a Policeman wouldn’t worsen.)

I was taken to the Courts area kept in a holding-cell with a number of others. I was the only first-timer and I was informed by the more experienced that I would be “going straight to ‘the Joy'” (Mountjoy Prison).

On my journey through the subterranean passage, from the holding cell to the Court, Garda McGonigle, who was now in uniform, (I bet he didn’t sleep on a plank) made me walk in front of him. Perhaps he feared my having a lump-hammer or an anvil concealed in my shirt pocket.

When the Judge addressed me, not being au feit with Courtroom protocol, I stepped forward to deliver the monologue, which I had rehearsed through the night. A Garda put out a restraining hand and whispered to me that that is not how things are done. The Judge on seeing my confusion said, ?”You’ll get plenty of opportunity to say what you have to say”. They next thing I heard was “adjourned”. I signed a Bail-bond for £25 and? walked to freedom thinking of a couple of lines from The Ballad Of Reading Gaol:
“Out into God’s sweet air we went
But not in wonted way… ”

I contacted my supplier and, since neither of us had anything to hide, he accompanied me to Store Street Garda Station and explained that, yes, he had been supplying quantities of watches to me over the preceding months. The officer on duty pointed out that since I was already charged I would have to appear in Court on the appointed day or a Bench-warrant would be issued for my arrest.

When I returned home to 4, Chester Road, Ranelagh, Dublin 6, I discovered that the house had been searched by a number of Gardai. A ledger and light fitting were missing. The former was returned to me later in Dublin Castle. The latter I haven’t seen since.

I later learned that the following exchange took place between two friends of mine:

“Did you hear about Lennon being arrested?”

“No.What did he do”?

“Oh, nothing. He had too much time on his hands”.

On my next Court appearance, being a great believer in the maxim that the innocent don’t need defence, I didn’t engage a Solicitor. Garda McGonigle’s only evidence was, “I am not offering any evidence”.

Life went on.

I haven’t featured in Fogra Tora since.

As far as I know, Garda McGonigle didn’t finish up directing traffic in Bangor Erris and I haven’t ever heard of a Guard being charged with wasting Police time… have you?

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2012 Global Ebook Awards Finalists- THIS MOBIUS STRIP OF IFS by Mathias B. Freese Best Autobiography/Memoirs Non-Fiction

2012 Global Ebook Awards Finalists

Note: The number of Finalists per category varies. Categories with more Nominees have more Finalists. The quantity of finalists are percentages of the number of Nominees per category.

“Best Of” Categories

Best eBook Cover

Drake’s Coffin by Michael D. Urban
No Red Pen: Writers, Writing Groups & Critique by Victoria A. Hudson
ReBecoming: The Way of Opportunity by J. R. Maxon
Strangler Figs by Peggy Chittenden Brown
The Darkening Dream by Andy Gavin

Best eBook Trailer

Amazon Categories Create Best Sellers by Aggie Villanueva
Dying the Right Way, A System of Caregiving and Planning for Families by Janice Louise Long
Equity of Evil by Rudy Mazzocchi
Falling Immortality: Casey Holden, Private Investigator by Robert Downs
Flow-tography: Better Photos Now by Suzanne Merritt

Best Illustration in Children Fiction

Simon and the Solar System by Derek the Ghost
The Day I Became a Pirate by Cary Snowden

Best Illustration in Non-Fiction

Joy after the Fire, When Grief, Loss, and Despair are the Seeds of New Joy and Growth by Joyce Wycoff
Preventing Sales Crimes by Peri Shawn

Best Multimedia in an eBook (Audio/Video/Internet/App/iPad)

The American Challenge by Robert Etheredge
The Day I Became a Pirate by Cary Snowden
The Little Book of Secret Code Puzzles by Gary Ciesla

Specialty Categories

Christian Children’s Picture Book

Twas The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore

Christian eBook

Armed for Battle and Destined for Glory! by Victor S. Torres
Dead Man Rising: From a Watery Grave to an Incredible Life by Larry Skahill

Do You? By Michelle Reynoso
Multiple Exposures by Sara Marie Hogg
Northern Wisdom by Eoghan Odinsson

Fiction Categories

Children Literature Fiction

Celtic Run by Sean Vogel
Lexie World (Three Lost Kids, #1) by Kimberly Kinrade
The Adventures of Baylord Bear by Lucinda Sue Crosby

Children Picture Books Fiction

Andrew, The Ant Farmer Big City Adventure by Jack Lantz
Bella the Dragon by Barbara Nick
Bella and the Year of the Dragon by Barbara Nick
Great-Grandpa Fussy and the Little Puckerdoodles by Mardo Williams
Penelope the Purple Pirate by Melissa Northway
Twas The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore

Erotic Literature Fiction
Floor Time – The Realtors Book 1 by Liz Crowe

Gay/Lesbian/LGBT Fiction

Singing Her Alive by Diana K. Perkins
The Indelible Heart by Marianne K. Martin

Graphic Novel Fiction

The Truth About Cats by Molly Brandenburg

Historical Literature Fiction – Ancient (set before 500 AD)

Image of a Man: A Novel of the Shroud of Turin by V.G. Bortin
The Bow of Heaven, Book I: The Other Alexander by Andrew Levkoff
The Dragon’s Harp by Rachael Pruitt

Historical Literature Fiction – Contemporary (set 1940-NOW)

Flights of Angels by Cindy Brandner
Plant Teacher by Caroline Alethia
War Remains by Jeffrey Miller
Watergate -The Political Assassination by Rene Chang

Historical Literature Fiction – Medieval (set 500-1500 AD)

Song at Dawn by Jean Gill
Thwarted Queen by Cynthia Haggard

Historical Literature Fiction – Modern (set 1500-1940 AD)

Carrier-of-Bones by John Francois
Maya Lord by John Coe Robbins
William & Lucy by Michael Brown

Horror Fiction

Immortal Implements by Ryan K Hoover
One Blood by Qwantu Amaru

Humor/Comedy Fiction

No Nude Swimming by Robert Gottlieb
Postcards From Home by Sylvia Morice
Wishful Weddings by Hy Brett

Inspirational/Visionary Fiction

Heart of a Native by Tom St. Dennis
The Opening by Ron Savarese
The Underlying Hand by Roger P Koch

Multicultural Literature Fiction

Autumn Shadows in August by Robert W. Norris
Hystera by Leora Skolkin-Smith
Plant Teacher by Caroline Alethia

Mystery Fiction

A Wedding to Die For Book Two in the Alvarez Family Murder Mystery Series by Heather Haven
Ice on the Grapevine by R.E. Donald
Olive Park by C.J. Booth
River’s Bend by Charlsie Russell
Stone Fly by Rod Collins

Popular Literature Fiction

In Leah’s Wake by Terri Giuliano Long
Julia’s Song by Elyse Pierce
Razzle Dazzle by Robert Blair Kaiser
The Salome Effect by James Sajo
Whispering Tides by Guido Mattioni

Pre-Teen Literature Fiction

Nate Rocks the World by Karen Pokras Toz
The Ghost in my iPad by E L Russell

Religion/Faith Fiction

Contingency by Paula Wiseman
Return of the Aliens by Ruth Nordin

Romance Fiction – Contemporary

Alpha’s Mate by Caryn Block
Blaze of Glory by M. Garzon
Family Secrets by DeAnn Daley Holcomb
Whisper of Lies by Cherry-Ann Carew

Romance Fiction – Historical

Bid for a Bride by Ruth Nordin
Breezes From Another Time by Paulette Renee Broqueville
The Insignificance of Being a Spy… by Suzy Stewart Dubot

Short Stories/Essays Fiction

Ask by David Heard
Railway Confessions-A Collection of Short Stories by Carolyn Moncel
Regret in Triptych by Chris Wesley
Speculative Fiction – Classic Fantasy (set before 1940)

Armor of God: The Paladin by Tracy Lesch
Dragon’s Gift by Elizabeth Gaines Johnston
SwanSong by Lynne Cantwell

Speculative Fiction – Contemporary Fantasy (set after 1940)

Death’s Promise by Cheryl Twaddle
Inked In by Karlyn Simone
Takers by Chris Davis

Speculative Fiction – Paranormal

Angela’s Coven by Bruce Jenvey
Dillon’s War, The Weretiger of Kontum by Richard Dixon
Farsighted by Emlyn Chand
Plant Teacher by Caroline Alethia
The Flaw in the Fabric, Book 1 of A Travellers Guide for Lost Souls by Jim T. Lindsey

Speculative Fiction – Science Fiction

City Beneath the Earth by Thomas Heiliger
Xenofreak Nation by Melissa Conway

Spiritual/Metaphysical Fiction

Chasing Grace: A Novel of Odd Redemption by Carol Costello
ReBecoming: The Way of Opportunity by J. R. Maxon

Suspense Fiction

Dead Witness by Joylene Nowell Butler
Equity of Evil by Rudy Mazzocchi

Teen Literature Fiction

Jaguar Princess: The Last Maya Shaman by Marjorie Bicknell Johnson
Nightingale by David Farland
Selo by Doug Setter

Thriller Fiction

Guate! by C.A. Blackwell
One Blood by Qwantu Amaru
The Seventh Stone by Pamela Hegarty
The Typhoon Sanction by Wes DeMott
Toulouse 4 Death by Gregory C. Randall

Travel/Essay Fiction

Plant Teacher by Caroline Alethia

Western Fiction

Twisted River by Mel Hague

Non-Fiction Categories

Action/Adventure Non-Fiction

Schooner to the Southern Oceans by Gordon Cook
Walking for Peace, an Inner Journey by Mony Dojeiji

Advertising/Marketing/Sales Non-Fiction

Own Your Niche by Stephanie Chandler
Preventing Sales Crimes by Peri Shawn

Animals/Pets Non-Fiction

Maria’s Duck Tales: Wildlife Stories From My Garden by Maria Daddino

Anthology Non-Fiction

Burnt Toast: musings on living, loving and saying goodbye by Lenore Skomal
Tales from The Sierra Madre by Jenny McGill

Art/Graphics Non-Fiction

Persist: In Praise of the Creative Spirit in a World Gone Mad with Commerce by Peter Clothier

Autobiography/Memoirs Non-Fiction

Armed for Battle and Destined for Glory! by Victor S. Torres
Dead Man Rising: From a Watery Grave to an Incredible Life by Larry Skahill
My Healing Heart by Rosalie B. Kahn
Saving Mary: The Possession by Deidre Havrelock
This Mobius Strip of Ifs by Mathias B. Freese

Aviation Non-Fiction

Flight Emergency: Take the Left Seat in Eight Role-Playing Emergency Scenarios by Reya Kempley
Safety Management without the Mumbo Jumbo by Rob Collins

Biography Non-Fiction

Burnished: Burnside Life Stories by Kate Shayler
The Democrat by Olly Wyatt

Business Non-Fiction

3 Off the Tee: Make it Happen by Lorii Myers
15 Ways to Grow Your Business in Every Economy by Mary C. Kelly, PhD
Lasting Contribution: How to Think, Plan, and Act to Accomplish Meaningful Work by Tad Waddington
Own Your Niche by Stephanie Chandler
THE Book on…BUSINESS From A to Z by Daniel Feiman, et al

Careers/Employment Non-Fiction

Confessions of a Hiring Manager Rev. 2.0 by J.T. Kirk
Hot Tips for Career Chicks by Karen Adamedes
The Hire Tactics: The 4 Milestones for Civilian Employment by Tom Stein and Greg Wood
Winning At Interview by Alan Jones

Communications Non-Fiction

Rock Solid Confidence: Presenting Yourself with Assurance, Poise and Power by Jan Whalen, MASL
Timeout! To Retreat, Review & Renew by Phyllis & Jerry Campagna

Cookbooks Non-Fiction

Afghan Cuisine: A Collection of Family Recipes by Nafisa Sekandari
Vegetarian Health Recipes by Dr. Patricia Bragg

Current Events/Politics/Foreign Affairs Non-Fiction

Gag Order Lifted: The Courage to Expose a Major Cover-up in the Fifth Largest School District in the United States by Essington Wade
21st Century Revolution by Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramh

Death/Dying (Thanatology) Non-Fiction

The Unknown Connection by Phyllis E. Sloan

Diet/Nutrition Non-Fiction

Apple Cider Vinegar by Dr. Patricia Bragg

Education Non-Fiction

Kids Cooking and Learning by Amy Houts
The Scoop on Good Grammar by Margie Blumberg

Entertainment and Performing Arts (Music/Dance/Film) Non-Fiction

Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History by Manny Pacheco
Hollywood Stories: Short, Entertaining Anecdotes About the Stars and Legends of the Movies! by Stephen Schochet

Environment/Green Non-Fiction

Makers of the Environment : Building Resilience Into Our World, One Model at a Time by Finith Jernigan
Water: The Shocking Truth That Can Save Your Live by Dr. Patricia Bragg

Finance/Investment/Wealth Non-Fiction

The Emotion Behind Money Building Wealth From the Inside Out by Julie Murphy Casserly
Wall Street Craps: How To Play Today’s Hot & Cold Stock Market For Fast Money With Less Risk by Steve Nakamoto
Gay/Lesbian/LGBT Non-Fiction
Undercover Girl: Growing up Transgender by Jill Davidson

Genealogy/Heritage/Ancestry Non-Fiction

Del Mediterraneo al Plata – Historias de Familias by Isabel Garcia Cintas
True Miracles with Genealogy, Volume Two by Anne Bradshaw

Health, Fitness and Beauty Non-Fiction

Arranging Your Life When Dialysis Comes Home: ‘The Underwear Factor’ by Linda Gromko
Brain Fit! How Smarter Thinking Can Save Your Brain by Dr Jenny Brockis
Whole-Body Dentistry®: A Complete Guide to Understanding the Impact of Dentistry on Total Health by Mark A. Breiner, DDS

History Non-Fiction

Burnished: Burnside Life Stories by Kate Shayler
Donkey Galloping Out Of Hell by M.M. Harris
The First Americans Were Africans by David Imhotep Ph.D.

Home and Garden Non-Fiction

Good Riddance: Showing Clutter the Door by Susan Borax and Heather Knittel
Knowledge to Grow Shaped Trees by Peter Cook and Becky Northey

Inspirational/Visionary Non-Fiction

Inspire: A Year of Daily Inspirational Thoughts by Douglas N Petersen
It’s Your Thoughts that Count by Wendy Betteridge
Kilimanjaro: One Man’s Quest to Go Over the Hill by M.G. Edwards
The Success Attitude – Haunting Messages Guiding Us by Janice Davies
The Unknown Connection by Phyllis E. Sloan

Leadership Non-Fiction

Do Not Invent Buggy Whips Create! Reinvent! Position! Disrupt! by Kenneth J. Thurber Ph.D.
Preventing Sales Crimes by Peri Shawn

Medicine/Healthcare Non-Fiction

Dying the Right Way, A System of Caregiving and Planning for Families by Janice Louise Long
Whole-Body Dentistry®: A Complete Guide to Understanding the Impact of Dentistry on Total Health by Mark A. Breiner, DDS

Men’s Issues Non-Fiction

Testosterone: A Man’s Guide by Nelson Vergel

Military Non-Fiction

A Fleet in Being: The Austro-Hungarian Navy in WWI by Russell Phillips
Chow by Victoria A. Hudson

Multicultural Non-Fiction

Demystifying Confucianism by Yoko Miyamoto
The Immigrants’ Daughter by Mary Terzian

New Age Non-Fiction

Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World by Dianne Collins
Walking for Peace, an Inner Journey by Mony Dojeiji
Wholeness in Living: Kindling the Inner Light by Mayte Picco-Kline

Parenting/Family Non-Fiction

Don’t Carve the Turkey with a Chainsaw: Resolving Family Conflict by Roger E Frame, Ph.D.
Parenting Plans For Families After Divorce by Joan McWilliams
The 4-1-1 on Step Parenting by Michele Sfakianos
The Parents Report Card by Lawrence J Bradley

Popular Culture Non-Fiction

The Big D!ck Contest: Exposed by Lafferty Johnson

Professional/Technical Non-Fiction

Do Not Invent Buggy Whips Create! Reinvent! Position! Disrupt! by Kenneth J. Thurber Ph.D.
Lasting Contribution: How to Think, Plan, and Act to Accomplish Meaningful Work by Tad Waddington

Psychology/Mental Health Non-Fiction

Man’s Greatest Fear by Thomas M. Lister

Reference Non-Fiction

Do Not Invent Buggy Whips Create! Reinvent! Position! Disrupt! by Kenneth J. Thurber Ph.D.
The Little Red Writing Book by Brandon Royal

Relationships/Sexuality Non-Fiction

Grownup Love: Getting It and Keeping It by Gloria Arenson
Reigniting Intimacy and Sexuality After You’re Ill by Rabbi Ed Weinsberg
Timeout! To Retreat, Review & Renew by Phyllis & Jerry Campagna

Religion/Faith Non-Fiction

Mind Work: Shedding Delusions on the Path to the Creative Core by Peter Clothier
Toward a Positive Psychology of Religion: Belief Science in the Postmodern Era by Robert Rocco Cottone
The Unknown Connection by Phyllis E. Sloan

Science Non-Fiction

48 Hours to Chaos: An Engineer Looks at Life and How the World Really Works by John D Waterman

Self-Help Non-Fiction

Alpha Chick, Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power by Mal Duane
Attitude Reconstruction by Jude Bijou
Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World by Dianne Collins
It’s Your Thoughts that Count by Wendy Betteridge
Super Power Breathing by Dr. Patricia Bragg

Seniors Non-Fiction

Dying the Right Way, A System of Caregiving and Planning for Families by Janice Louise Long
Power To The Patient: The Medical Strategist by Barbara Hales,MD

Spiritual/Metaphysical Non-Fiction

AWAKEN! Spirit Is Calling by Helena Kalivoda
Do You Believe? By Brenda Jeppesen
Mystic Witness: Healing Ourselves and the Earth through Active Mysticism by Larry Alboher, D.C.

Sports/Fitness/Recreation Non-Fiction

Hiking the Continental Divide Trail: One Woman’s Journey by Jennifer A. Hanson
Outdoor Moments — Snafu’s That Sportsmen Don’t Like to Talk About by Byron Graham

Technology/Engineering Non-Fiction

Do Not Invent Buggy Whips Create! Reinvent! Position! Disrupt! by Kenneth J. Thurber Ph.D.

Teen Literature Non-Fiction

The High School Survival Guide by Ally Mosher
YOU ROCK! How To Be A STAR Student & Still Have FUN by Suzanne Raga

Travel/Guidebook Non-Fiction

Exploring Europe: Our Experiences While Living Abroad by Shelley Row
Hollywood Forever Cemetery: The Unauthorized Guide by Mark Masek
Staycation Destinations – Short Getaways In and Near the San Francisco Bay Area by Robert Ross Talley

True Crime Non-Fiction

Angels Gate by Andrew J. Rafkin and Louis Pagano
Desert Injustice by Robert Blair Kaiser

Writing/Publishing Non-Fiction

Book Formatting for Self-Publishers, A Comprehensive How-To Guide by Jennette Green
Eating an Elephant: Write Your Life One Bite at a Time by Patricia Charpentier
Shut Up & Write! By Judy Bridges

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Rose Mary Stiffin, Phd Author- WALK IN BETHEL


by Rose Mary Stiffin, Phd

A return to the Southern Gothic tradition and a testimony to her Southern roots, author Rose Mary Stiffin’s debut novel, WALK IN BETHEL, is an earthy, spellbinding drama set in the sweltering Mississippi Delta. With skeletons in the closet and a myriad of back porch speculations, Stiffin writes in the vernacular of a multi-family epic, that describes the darkest passages of the human heart, as well as its we-lit corridors of freedom, forgiveness, and love of family. Nashville is Reverend Carl Thompson’s wife; she secretly considers prayers to be no more than wishes yet believes God walks the Earth. Though she’s witnessed brutality, she’s also seen equality of human kindness. Returning from her Christian duty to call up the infirm- in this case Belle Washington, a child-bride and runaway who has lost another child- Nashville is dragged into a cotton field by two depraved white youths, the Ferguson brothers, and would have been brutally raped if it weren’t for Mike Poe fending off her attackers. Their desperate trek home is fraught with terror as they try to avoid the revenge-seeking brothers. The chaos leads to a desperate sin without measure, and consequences that will follow them to their graves. Years later, when Nashville’s daughter Allene Marries Robert Sutton, a man with a murderous past, she’ll have no idea what truth will haunt him and what fate will provide. This unforgettable saga links three families, several generations, and is ultimately a story of survival, for what we can forgive is what we must never forget.


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