Tom Kirkbride Author- BOOK IV GAMADIN GAZZ


by Tom Kirkbride

All life on the planet Gazz is about to be wiped out by a lethal gama ray burst in 11 days. Saving the planet with Millawanda’s force field was supposed to be a “slam dunk”. MIllie saves the planet, but at a cost: her power is sucked dry! Unable to maintain orbit, She plunges into the planet’s ocean. Adding to the tragey, Riverstone, Lu and Sizzle have vanished and a second gamma ray burst will hit the planet in 37 days. There is a source of power, Gazz is a 15th Century planet of windpowered ships and slithering beasts called “trass.” In a race against time, Harlowe must commandeer a pirate galleon and find the thermo-grym crystals that will power Millawanda back to life before his girl, his crew, his ship, the planet and his own life are lost…

ISBN: 978-0-9840643-6-6

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