Dr. Ellen Larkin Woodruff Author- THE TALE OF JACOB’S JOURNEY


by Dr. Ellen Larkin Woodruff

Illustrated by Dot Samuel

Jacob Timothy Wormeley lives at Rosegill Farm in rural Middlesex County, near Urbanna, Virginia. He is a happy field mouse until his world is disrupted by the arrival of a thresher which strips his familiar farm field. Jacob’s home, school, and beloved corn supply are suddenly gone. Forced to relocate, Jacob Timothy runs into strange, new creatures. Jacob moves from one harrowing adventure to the next. Jacob finally finds a new home in a barn that is not as safe as he initially thought it would be. Winter has set in, and Jacob is in danger of starving and freezing to death; his life now is quite bleak. Eventually, Jacob finds himself in a church. It is here that he begins a new and wonderful chapter in the life of Jacob Timothy Wormeley.

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Orders to be shipped from the UK £9.00

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