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Susan M. Ballard Author- THE RAIDER & MURDER IN PEARCE & “Renaissance Cowboy, Sheb Wooley”

THE RAIDER & MURDER IN PEARCE & “Renaissance Cowboy, Sheb Wooley”

by Susan M. Ballard

Susan M. Ballard is pleased to announce the publication of her article, “Renaissance Cowboy, Sheb Wooley,” in THE WESTERN WAY magazine, Volume 22, Issue 1, winter, 2012. THE WESTERN WAY is the nation’s leading publication for western music performers. Her article may be read online at http://www.westernmusic.com/pdfs/WWay-Winter-2012.pdf.

Susan also has two recently released books- THE RAIDER, a young adult historical fiction novel based on the northernmost raid of the Confederacy on the Vermont town of St. Albans during the Civil War. THE RAIDER tells the stories of two teenagers, one a farm boy yearning for a life filled with adventures, the other, a Confederate soldier, old beyond his years, a true son of the south who has already seen too much adventure in his short life. THE RAIDER is available in trade paperback through the publisher, Goose Flats Publishing, P.O. Box 813, Tombstone, AZ 85638 (www.gooseflats.com) or through Susan’s website at http://www.smballard.com. THE RAIDER is also available on Nook, Kindle and other ebook applications.

MURDER IN PEARCE is Susan’s first mystery and takes place in her hometown of Pearce, Arizona, during that town’s gold rush heydays, circa 1905. The story follows the investigations of Micah Rogers, former lawman and Rough Rider, as he searches for an old friend in desperate need of help. The situation is literally one of life or death. MUDER IN PEACE is also available from Goose Flats Publishing and on Susan’s website, as well as in ebook formats.

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the Newsletter of the Society of Southwestern Authors Vol. 41. No. 2 Apr-May 2012

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