by R.S.Hunter

New this month is the exciting, true story of Louis Lugo (CROSSROADS, THE LOUIS LUGO STORY). Louis Lugo grew up surrounded by crime. Early in his life, he learned to be a gangster and survived by hustling and dealing. Once a man to fear, Louis Lugo is a changed man today. Through the undying support of his wife, kids, and uncles who didn’t give up on him (including the famous Nicky Cruz), Louis Lugo now employs the lessons he learned on his way to redemption to mentor those who are currently living the life he left behind. To read more about CROSSROADS, THE LOUIS LUGO STORY, go to http://www.ampubbooks.com/books/crossroads.html

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One response to “R.S.Hunter Author- CROSSROADS, THE LOUIS LUGO STORY

  1. James Lupine

    This book “crossroads the Louis lugo story” really hit me hard.
    I thought it was a good read my friend told me about, but when I got into it and read the Reality and horror this young man went through early on in life, brought tears to my eyes. I don’t write reviews, but this book gets one from me. this is a must Read, just to see how a young man makes it out of the new York Ghettos. he was abused, became a Gangster, was shot 6 times, sent to prison, became a karate champion, a family man, and finally saved. you would think while reading this story that this guy should have died many times but somehow he Survived. they is no Doubt that God was with him. his Uncle Nicky Cruz from “cross and the switchblade” had a strong Influence in his life, and his other uncle Rev. Victor Maldonado, who also was a member of the Manu Manus kept trying to talk to Louis because they were saved and Louis wasn’t hearing anything they had to said. I’ve read “the cross and the switch blade” and this book has to be how God works from one Generation to the other Generation.
    Get this book, you won’t be Sorry!
    James Lupine

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