Sophie Littlefield Author- AFTERTIME


by Sophie Littlefield

“In a world ravaged by a zombie apoclypse, it’s surprising that recovering addict Cass Dollar isn’t one of the survivors who gives up in despair. But Cass is determined to survive everything- being atacked by the flesh-eating Beaters; being regarded with suspicion, hostility and a desperate hope by other human survivors; and the temptations of her own hungry heart- to find her daughter, Cass, who had lost her parental rights before the Aftertime, was caring for her daughter, Ruthie, in a fortified school when Beaters attacked, and Cass was captured. Now she is on a quest to find Ruthie, no matter what, both aided and obstructed by other survivors, and the Earth works to recover, with or without humans. A great and thoughtful theatise on a possible future of the American West.” – MeH
Mir tpo, $14.95

Order from:

Mysterious Galaxy
7051 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. #302
San Diego, California, 9211
(858) 268-4747


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