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Nash Candelaria Author- SECOND COMMUNION


memoir by Nash Candelaria

This memoir by renowned Chicano writer Nash Candelaria focuses on how and why he chose to become a writer. As he investigates his family’s more than 300-year history in New Mexico, the author undertakes a more intimate journey that leads him to understand truths about himself: why he chose to become a writer and why he chose the topics he did. Part family history and part self-examination, SECOND COMMUNION is a must-read for aspiring writers, those interested in Southwest history, and students and teachers of Chicano literature.

Nash Candelaria has been described as the historical novelist of the Hispanic people of New Mexico. His four novels, hailed as landmarks in Hispanic literature, include MEMORIES OF THE ALHAMBRA (1977), a seminal novel in Chicano literature, and NOT BY THE SWORD (1982), an American Book Award winner. His short stories have appeared in a number of literary magazines and anthologies. His two published collections of short stories are THE DAY THE CISCO KID SHOT JOHN WAYNE (1988) and UNCIVIL RIGHTS AND OTHER STORIES (1989) He and his wife live in Santa Fe, New Mexico

224 pp . paper . $18.00 . ISBN 978-1-931010-56-6

Bilingual Review Press

(866) 965-3867

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by Jana Richman

“Richman’s mastery of the emotional geography is illuminating and calls to mind the work of Pat Conroy.”- Kirkus Reviews

2009 Willa Literary Award Winner for Contemporary Fiction

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Kitty Williams & Stevie Mark Authors- DAY OF THE DEAD


by Kitty Williams and Stevie Mark

Travel with the Authors!

Kitty Williams and Stevie Mark wrote the book on Days of the Dead–literally! This exciting new title will be available this September. Pre-order your signed copy today!

Days of the Dead with CRIZMAC is the Trip of a Lifetime!

October 27 – November 3, 2011

The unique and special qualities of Oaxaca during the Days of the Dead provide a most memorable and powerful experience. Become a part of the fiesta as you shop the special markets, visit cemeteries, and watch the processions. Visit vibrant folk art villages, where you’ll see demonstrations by renowned artisans. A once in a lifetime opportunity!


Itinerary and fees available online by calling
1-800-913-8555 or 520-323-8555.
Do it for your art and soul!

“The Days of the Dead experiences are like a dream! And they certainly are a dream of a lifetime for me. The trip was fabulous. Thank you very much for your incredible effort, finesse, and Spanish and cultural skills that both made the trip possible and guided us through it.”

Days of the Dead participant
Mary K. Weeks · Albany, NY

email: phone: 520-323-8555 web:

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CALL FORTH A BLESSING The Miracle of Powerful Prayer

by Jane Elizabeth Smith

ISBN: 978-0-9785334-7-2 $8.00

This treasure throve of prayers for everyday life provides beautiful prays for change, children, courage, faith, grace, friendship, grief, happiness, inner strength, guidance- and many more. This gem is small enough to carry in a purse or pocket, while providing wisdom and solace for the reader.

From a prayer on HAPPINESS: “Happiness is an individual, personal choice. Happiness is an inside job. No matter what the outer circumstance, I stop and count my blessings and look for all the great and little things in my life for which I am happy. Regardless of the situation, I can either laugh about it or cry about it. I choose to laugh. I choose joy. All I need do is assess the matter from a different point of view. In the grand context of life, my real and true purpose is to encounter each moment with joy and gratitude. By doing so, I step into Heaven. I view happiness and joy as infectious, and I am a carrier! …The human condition is an emotional one. Emotions are direct by-products of thoughts. I control my thoughts. Therefore, I control my emotions…I choose my Earth to be Heaven. I choose to be happy right now. Amen

“I have worn this book threadbare. It goes with me everywhere. A full blown miracle occurred with the Prayer for Children. After three miscarriages, my daughter started showing symptoms of loss of number four. Your prayer saved that life. As my daughter said, ‘I felt a gentle wind blow through me as I turned the handle to the doctor’s office.’ That was my praying for her. We are grateful to you, and to God.”- Carole Graham

“Jane has written a treasure chest full of spiritual prayers that will enlighten, uplife and open your heart to a greater self-awareness of who God is through you. Each prayer is lined with a key to the truth of God’s energy and a knowledge that you never walk alone.”- Kathy Mae Miller

“Any time I need to pray, I can pick up this powerful book and be led to the perfect prayer. Through each energetic passage, Jane gives readers the words for meaningful prayer. The faith, joy and love Jane personifies are embodied in this special book.”- Sarah Kohnhorst

Jane Elizbeth Smith received her B.S degree in business from the University of Louisville. She is a Certified Master Practioner in Neurolinguistic Programming, Time Empowerment, and Hypnosis through the Association for Intergrative Psychology. Today, Jane owns a nationally recognized financial services business and also facilitates workshops on abundance, love and forgiveness. Jane is the author YOUR THREE WISHES and lives in Louisville, Kentucky.

To order, contact: National Book Network or 1-800-462-6420
Sanctuary Publications, Inc. PO Box 20697 Sedona, Az 86341 928-284-1169

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by Jan Cleere

Compelling stories of pioneering women, all born before 1900, who displayed remarkable courage as they broke through scoial, cultural, and political barriers to advance women’s roles. Facing unimaginable cahllenges, they climbed mountains seeking untold riches, swooped down legislative hallways, wove intricate artistry, and taught the next generation about equality.

Fascinating biographies about some truly remarkable women.

Published by The Globe Pequot Press

ISBN: 0-7627-2739-x


Also by Jan Cleere:



Autographed copies may be purchased at:

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Jerry D. Simmons Publishing Insider- Contents of TIPS FOR WRITERS July 28, 2011

by Jerry D. Simmons
July 28, 2011

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Old is New Again

Over the past year I have written many times about the fact that authors need to move quickly in order to take advantage of the window of opportunity left by major publisher’s slow acceptance of eBooks and the digital marketplace. That window is beginning to close as more major publishers combat rapidly declining print sales by aggressively moving into eBooks.

The world’s largest trade publisher recently announced their once popular mass market romance series, Love Swept, will be re-launched in eBook beginning early next year.

So why is this important? History is beginning to repeat itself in book publishing as the majors begin testing more product in the digital marketplace. This of course takes attention away from other writers and their content because these newly launched eBooks will be supported by lots of marketing and a nice marketing budget.

On the flip side, this marketing push does nothing but bring attention to eBooks and the large cache of available product. With only 1 in 600 manuscript submissions getting published, this will open opportunities for writers.

Author Success Story

Bob Mayer is a successful author and I’m pleased to say a reader of this newsletter. He was under contract to Random House where one of his series sold more than one million copies. Now the rights have reverted back to Bob, he is on his own and successful.

Currently Bob has 12 titles in the top 1,000 on Amazon and he is selling over 2,000 eBooks a day with sales increasing every week over the past several months. Bob now has the rights to 100% of his backlist and is selling more in eBook in one day than Random House managed in six months.

Bob uploaded to eBook an updated version of his highly successful “The Novel Writers Toolkit” and “Write It Forward; From Writer to Successful Author” based on all he has learned the last couple of years.

These are two eBooks I would strongly recommend. Bob’s personal web site is and his publishing web site is

The moral of this story is that you can do it yourself.
Share With Others

This newsletter is written to provide readers with insight into the latest news, trends, changes and opportunities in the book publishing industry. The only way the individual self-published author and entire independent community can continue to gain creditability in the marketplace and be seen as a long term viable force is to join forces.

Joining together would provide a tremendous opportunity for recognition among both readers and publishing professionals at the highest levels. I’m asking each of you to share this newsletter with as many writers and authors as possible.

It is my goal to create a large community of writers, independently published as well as those who continue to toil under contract with a publisher. If you subscribe to this newsletter, thank you. The one way you can help grow our potential, as a group, is to join

Please follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This is how you can help all writers searching for ways to expand their audience by allowing me to be your bridge and continue to share information. Thank you for your continued support.

Reprint & Help Spread the Word

You may quote from any of the information, all or in part, under the conditions that (1) The author, Jerry D. Simmons, and web site are prominently referenced, and (2) The republication is not sold or used for any commercial purpose. All written material Copyright 2011 Jerry D. Simmons. Also note this Newsletter is not edited. There may on occasion be grammatical, syntax or spelling errors. I acknowledge the fact and apologize.

Jerry D. Simmons
http://www.LinkedIn/jerrydsimmons /

15508 W. Bell Rd., Suite 101-315, Surprise, AZ 85374-3436, USA

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The University Arizona Poetry Center- Recommendations from our Audio Video Library Olga Broumas, October 26, 1988

The University Arizona Poetry Center- Recommendations from our Audio Video Library

Olga Broumas, October 26, 1988.

Olga Broumas is known for performances that are multilingual, ecstatic hot spots, and this reading does not disappoint. It includes selections from four of her books alongside translations of Odysseas Elytis (1911–1996), Nobel Laureate from her native country of Greece. Be sure to listen to “The Forefathers’ Paradise,” an Elytis poem read in alternating Greek and English, and “The Massacre.”

::Listen to the reading::

We also recommend: Kazim Ali
February 24, 2011

Ali cites Broumas as an influence and discusses her work in his book of essays Orange Alert. Here, he demonstrates that, like Broumas, he is a master of improvisation, performing a poem, “Queer Ishmael,” composed on the spot.

::Listen to the reading::

The Poetry Center’s Audio Video Library features recordings from the Center’s long-running Reading Series and other readings presented under the auspices of the Center. The AVL includes multiple recordings of poets who have read for the Poetry Center numerous times over the years. Many of these recordings are accompanied by photographs from our archive. As we continue to digitize our recordings, these materials as well as new readings will be added to the AVL, so make sure you continue to visit us at

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