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Eunice Boeve Author- RIDE A SHADOWED TRAIL


by Eunice Boeve

Joshua Ryder figured Pete’s words would stick in his mind the rest of his life. “You know, son, most all of us at one time or another ride a shadowed trail. Ain’t no one’s got a clear, unblemished past or family ties they’re always proud of.”

If you love a novel of the old west where family and young love is in equal measure to cattle drives and outlaws, then RIDE A SHADOWED TRAIL is for you.

To Order: Publish America at http://www.publishamerica.com or tele 301-695-1707: http://www.barnsandnoble.com; http://www.amazon.com; any bookseller or from the author.
Visit her at http://www.eniceboeve.net

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Lourdes Vazquez Author- NOT MYSELF WITHOUT YOU


by Lourdes Vazquez

In NOT MYSELF WITHOUT YOU, a working-class Puerto Rican family of the 1950’s lives surrounded by spirits, ghosts, and witches, a result of incantations performed in the living room. Chronicling nearly two decades of the famaily history- including their occult activities- the story involves characters who are centered in Puerto Rico but who move through the Caribbean, Central American, Spain, and New York as they are pulled by the economic, political, and social coditions of the times as well as by their own intense desires. Lacking the tools to understand the complexity of the world around them, these beings often travel without a clear concept of place or time, envoloped in a constant aura of exile. As their stories come to light through fragments of prayers, sayings, poems, newspaper articles, and excerpts from books- a sort of family scrapbook-the characters themselves speak to a wide range of issues in voices that are famailiar and humorous. Based on oral history and reseach, NOT MYSELF WITHOUT YOU is the author’s own memoir with a strong fictional twist.

Lourdes Vazquez is the author of numerous works of fiction, poetry, essays, and interviews that have been published worldwide. Her most recent full-length works include the script A PORCLAIN DOLL WITH VIOLET EYES, STARING INTO SPACE (WHELHOUSE MAGAZINE, 2009); SAMANDAR:BESTIARY (Bilingual Press, 2004). In 2002 she was a winner of the prestigious Juan Rulfo prize for short story. She has contributed to many journals, newspapers, and anthologies, and she is working on two more books.

144 pp. Paper $14.00 ISBN 978-1931010-68-9

Bilingual Review Press

Place orders (480) 965-3867 Toll free: (866) 965-3867

Website: http://www.asu.edu/brp

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Darrell James Author- NAZARETH CHILD


Darrell James

A quest to find the mother she’s never know takes young, female, missing-persons investigatgor Del Shannon, into the clanish hill country of Kentucky. Where the infamous faith healer, Silas Rule, seems to hold the answers to her mother’s past. Is her mother alive or dead? And what secrets does the healer work to conceal?

“James cranks up the tension while spinning a classic tale of good versus evil.”- Paul Levine, Author of LASSITER


Publiser Midnight Ink, a div. of Llewellyn Worldwide


BODY COUNT A Killer Collection- A collection of fifteen short stories (ebook coming soon)

DEADLY INK 2007 SHORT STORY COLLECTION- First Place Award Winner in the 2007 Deadly Ink Short Story Competition

LANDMARKED FOR MURDER- Short Story featured in the Sisters in Crime/LA anthology LANDMARKED FOR MURDER

POLITICS NOIR- A politically charged collection of stories about greed and avarice

HOW I GOT PUBLISHED- Darrell’s personal odyssey to pulication appears in this WRITERS DIGEST book along with notables Clive Cussler, David Morrell, and John Lescroat

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