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Ethel Lee-Miller Author- People are talking about THINKING OF MILLER PLACE


by Ethel Lee-Miller

“Ethel Lee-Miller’s memoir of her summers spent in Miller Place, NY on Long Island during the 1950’s is a delightful escape from the everyday. Through word choice and vivid recollections, she paints a detailed picture of life-impacting, indelible moments. For readers with similar vaction experiences, the book serves as a catalyst for memories. Others will also be impressed by the love and overall “feel good” moments as Ethel recounts how Miller Place acted as a security blanket for her family.”- Lynda Starr

“Who says we can’t go back to the beach of our childhood? In this charming memoir, Ethel Lee-Miller has captured those memories. The lazy, hazy days of an era when summer was truly ‘a summer’ all come alive in this gem of a book. Lee-Miller’s gift for description vividly endows memories of life, family and growing up over six years of summer vacations. Viewed through the eyes of a child, vignettes are enhanced with adult insight. Doubling our pleasure, Lee-Miller is an identical twin, the reader shares in the unique bond.”- Michaele Lockhart, author, COMING HOME, & LAST NIGHT AT CLAREMONT

In her wonderful book, Ethel Lee-Miller reminds us of the power of memory to restore us to a safe place we can go to renew our spirits… …Ethel has lovingly recreated the sights, sounds, smells, feelings of a shared time when she was quite simply, a happy child. And shared it well. Thank you, Ethel, for reminding us that we can do the same.”- Wendy Dobler Author, THE GURU NEXT DOOR

Wonderful, and what a gift! Miller Place was also my summer retreat- still is- your memories awakened and brightened so many daily moments of Miller Place reference. My aunt and parents bought a log cabin in 1930…a magical place for a city child… Hearfelt thanks for a beautiful memoir.” Anita Daly Kapp, NY


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