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Literacy Leadership & Arizona Daily Star- NEWSPAPERS IN EDUCATION


Sponsored by LITERACY LEADERSHIP & Arizona Daily Star

NEWSPAPERS IN EDUCATION is an award-winning literacy program, honored by the Arizona Reading Association, Tucson Area Reading Council, and the Newspapers Association of America Foundation.

NEWSPAPERS IN EDUCATION (NIE) is committed to promoting reading, literacy and learning through the use of the print and electronic editions of the Arizona Daily Star in K-adult classrooms throughout Tucson and Southern Arizona.

NIE is one of the most exciting educational tools available today. The Arizona Daily Star provides newspapers to area schools by subsidizing a portion of the cost of classroom newspapers. The rest of the cost is covered by donations from readers, fundraisers and local businesses who make up our Partners in Education initiative. Rosemont Copper and Circle K

In additional to award winning literary content, we provide a treasure trove of ready to use curriculum for k-12 classrooms designed to incorporate the use of daily newspaper articles into all subjects from reading and math to science and social studies.

The Arizona Daily Star NIE program reaches over 300 schools and some 14,000 Southern Arizona students daily.

Literacy Leadership Inc. is a non-profit organization formed to support the advancement and promotion of literacy initiatives in the communities it serves.

Literacy Leadership Inc., through the Arizona Daily Star, will forge pertnerships with local businesses, trusts and foundations to fund literacy focused programs. Through its partnership with Newspapers in education, the organization will provide reading materials, curriculum guides, reading events and community wide programs to improve literacy.

Literacy Leadership, Inc. is a 501c3 corporation; all donations through Literacy Leadership are tax deductible.

To make a donation or for more information you can browse to

Betsy Stuetz
Circulation Retention and NIE Manager

Anais Teso
Sr. Retention representative

Arizona Daily Star

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Ethel Lee-Miller Author- People are talking about THINKING OF MILLER PLACE


by Ethel Lee-Miller

“Ethel Lee-Miller’s memoir of her summers spent in Miller Place, NY on Long Island during the 1950’s is a delightful escape from the everyday. Through word choice and vivid recollections, she paints a detailed picture of life-impacting, indelible moments. For readers with similar vaction experiences, the book serves as a catalyst for memories. Others will also be impressed by the love and overall “feel good” moments as Ethel recounts how Miller Place acted as a security blanket for her family.”- Lynda Starr

“Who says we can’t go back to the beach of our childhood? In this charming memoir, Ethel Lee-Miller has captured those memories. The lazy, hazy days of an era when summer was truly ‘a summer’ all come alive in this gem of a book. Lee-Miller’s gift for description vividly endows memories of life, family and growing up over six years of summer vacations. Viewed through the eyes of a child, vignettes are enhanced with adult insight. Doubling our pleasure, Lee-Miller is an identical twin, the reader shares in the unique bond.”- Michaele Lockhart, author, COMING HOME, & LAST NIGHT AT CLAREMONT

In her wonderful book, Ethel Lee-Miller reminds us of the power of memory to restore us to a safe place we can go to renew our spirits… …Ethel has lovingly recreated the sights, sounds, smells, feelings of a shared time when she was quite simply, a happy child. And shared it well. Thank you, Ethel, for reminding us that we can do the same.”- Wendy Dobler Author, THE GURU NEXT DOOR

Wonderful, and what a gift! Miller Place was also my summer retreat- still is- your memories awakened and brightened so many daily moments of Miller Place reference. My aunt and parents bought a log cabin in 1930…a magical place for a city child… Hearfelt thanks for a beautiful memoir.” Anita Daly Kapp, NY


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