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Intermedia Publishing Group- Publishing That Works For You

Intermedia Publishing Group

Publishing That Works For You

For one price, we can publish, market, and distribute your book.

And in as little as 90 days your book can gain a readership in the thousands. If you are one of the 86% of Americans who dream of writing their own book- don’t delay! Start on the path to make your publishing dreams a reality today.




Looking to jumpstart the process? Join us at our writing conferences where we give you the tools and strategies to not only complete your manuscript, but to get your book printred and published in months.

Our seminars are for any level of writer- our techniques are not taught in any school! Attend and you could be well on your way to writing your first book. Register today. Visit us online for dates and locations.

http://www.intermediapub.com 623-337-8710

Sell More Books “Faster, Better, and with Less Effort” with Virtual Book Tours

What an Ask-type Virtural Book Tour is:

An online promotional strategy that allows readers to ask the author a question about his/her book, sign up for a live teleseminar in which the author aswers questions/explains the book, and/or listen to a recorded replay of interview, buy one or more copies of the book, and tell their friends.

Advantages for author/publisher

. Saves time & money. Much less expensive and time-consuming than physical book tour/signings.

. A VBT is not a one-time event, but a perpetual marketing system. Once it’s done, a VBT need only be promoted in order to sell books. Most promotiong methods cost little to nothing, and are extremely effective (e.g., ezine article directories, podcasts, blogs, social networks)

. A VBT begins a relationship with readers/potential readers. One of the key advantages. Enables reader to feel connected to author, and author to continue to promote to reader.

. A VBT caters to today’s time-starved society. It can be linstened to any time, any place (recording is downloadable). This means the author gets added exposure.

. The VBT engenders a sense of intimacy between author and reader/listener. Roy Williams, “the wizard of ads,” says, “If you want to persuade the world, use the human voice.”

. The VBT fosters word of mouth. In the new Age of Recommendation, the VBT replay page is a natural place where people can send friends. One person wrote, “I just want to hear (it) again. Thank you very much–I’ve been sharing the info w/others!” (From Dinesh D’Souza VBT)

. Uses the tried and true “sample before you buy” principle. By talking about his/her book, the author gives people a good taste of what’s inside.

. It’s a no-pressure way to promote the book for the author. People like to be invited; here’s something an author can invite someone to (“here’s where you can listen to me explain my book.”)

. The Ask approach keeps an author in touch with what his or her audience thinks and wants. This can be invaluable for knowing how to market, as well as a rich source of ideas for future books.

. The author can leverage the interview with the media. The VBT replay becomes an example of how the author shines when being interviewed and can be put on the media page of the web site/blog. Also, author can use submitted questions as suggested questions for media to ask.

More information, samples: http://www.virtualbooktourexpert.com

Diane Eble: 630-665-0843 diane@wordstoprofit.com

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An Alternative History of World War Two

by Jeff Kildow

What if WWII Germany had developed long range bombers that could reach the US? How would that have changed the war in Europe and especially here at home?

Get your copy at http://www.IMPRBooks.com

Blog: jeffkildow.wordpress.com

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Richard Hooper Author/Editor- HYMNS TO THE BELOVED


The poetry, prayers and wisdom of the world’s great mystics

Edited with commentaries by Richard Hooper

HYMNS TO THE BELOVED has been designed as a companion volume to Richard Hooper’s book, JESUS, BUDDHA, KRISHNA, LAO TZU: THE PARALLED SAYINGS. Once again filled with beautiful and inspiring photographs, HYMNS includes poetic verse from the mystics of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity and the Sufis of Islam.

With an extensive introduction by Richard Hooper, the hundreds of quotations of the spiritual masters of all time show that mystics of all religious traditions seek the same experience: union with the Ground of Being. Categories include: The Beloved; They Mystic; The One; The Narrow Gate; The Path Within; Relinquishing the Ego Prayer; Contemplation and Meditation; Love, Enlightenment and Awakening; Existence; The Univese and Creation.

Quotations by: Rabindranath Tagore; Padmasambhva; Yeshe Tsogyel; Ramana Maharshi; St. John of the Cross; Thic Nhat Hanh; Mirabai; Krishnamurti; St. Clare of Assisi; Satya Sai Baba; Judah Halevi; Kelsang Gyato; Nachmonides; Meister Eackhart; Yasutani Roshi; Shankara; Rumi; St. Catherine of Siena; William Blake; Darshan Sing; St. Francis of Assisi; St. Teresa of Avila; Sri Ramakrishna; Chuan Tze; Kabir; Milarepa; Chogyam Trugpa; Boddhidharma; Rilke; Dogen; Basho; St. Anthony; Huineng; St. Therese of Lisieux; Solomon ibn Gairol; Hsu Yun. St. Hildegard of Bingen; Bulleh Shah; Muktanada; Pierre Tellhard de Chardin; Patanjah; Moses Ben Shem Tov; Yogaswami; Noropa; Nagajuna; Sri Aurobindo and dozens more.

ISBN: 13::978-0-9785334-5=8 ISBN 10:0-9785334-5-8 $22.95

To order, contact: National Book Network. custserv@nbnbooks.com or 1-800-462-6420

Richard Hooper is a former Lutheran pastor who holds degrees from universities and seminaries in both the Philosophy of Religion as well as Theology. His other books include: THE CRUCIFIXION OF MARY MAGDALENE; THE GOSPEL OF THE UNKNOWN JESUS; and JESUS, BUDDHA, KRISHNA; LAO TZU: THE PARALLEL SAYINGS.

Sanctuary Publications, Inc. PO Box 20697 Sedona, Az 86341 928-284-1169

http://www.SanctuaryPublications.com . info@SanctuaryPublications.com

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