by Curt Stubbs

When I retire I’m going to build
my dream house out of music.
It has never betrayed me
and always offered succor
in times of need.
You can’t have a better
musical base than the Beatles
so they shall be my foundation.
My home shall stand firm and proud.
The floors will be laid
of the finest John Prine,
a little raspy, a little line,
but always with a broad understanding.
Jimi Hendrix will provide enough
electricity to power my house forever.
The plumbing will be Captain Beefheart.
I will build the walls
Out of prime-time enduring rock.
Rolling Stone walls will stand forever
The corners shall be reinforced
by Buffy Saint Marie,
always sharp, strong and uncompromising.
The Windows shall be Phillip Glass.
That seems fitting somehow.
I shall frame all the windows
with Kris Kristofferson
except the large picture window
which will be framed in Willie Nelson.
God, what a view.
The open beamed celling
will be Led Zeppelin.
Their music will not be brought down.
I will roof the whole structure
with classic Bob Dylan.
Nothing bad can happen to a home so roofed.
The kitchen will, of course, be Joni Mitchell,
sweet and light and always enriching.
To keep the house mellow and calm
the bedrooms will be built out of old folk groups-
Peter, Paul and Mary, the Kingston Trio
and Simon and Garfunkle.
For the bathroom I will use
the original potty mouth, Frank Zappa.
The doors both interior
And exterior will be made of the Doors themselves.
The yard will be planted with bluegrass
And the borders will be U2.
I expect to live a long and happy life
in my musical domain.

Curt Stubbs
3880 N. Park #A
Tucson, Arizona 85719
No E-mail Address

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One response to “Curt Stubbs Poet- THE POET SPEAKS TO HIS AGE

  1. Austin Said

    lol, I liked the poem. It was pretty nice…

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