Kore Press- Three Books Kelcey Parker’s FOR SALE BY OWNER, Becca Klaver’s LA LIMINAL & Sally Ashton’s HER NAME IS JUANITA


FOR SALE BY OWNER, Kelcey Parker’s debut book of short stories, is also Kore Press’ first fiction collection. Her stories about women in modern suburbia are twisted tales of domesticity, written with such wisdom, craft, and kindness that we simply couldn’t resist them.

Becca Klaver’s LA LIMINAL closesly examines the “glatzy” spectacle of Los Angeles and, with probing meditation and acerbic wit, poke a careful hole through its scummy, glittering surface, putting a cocktail-ringed finger right on the humanity beneath it.

HER NAME IS JUANITA is a hand-stitched sequence of prose poetry that tells the story of a woman and a donkey whom only she can hear. About imagination, obsession, and the unseen, Juanita continues to enthrall readers as wondrously as it wooed us when author Sally Ashton submitted it years ago.

For more information go to http://www.korepress.org

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