Laurie Schnebly Author Educator- BLOCK-BUSTING: PUTTING THE JOY BACK IN WRITING, A Writing Workshop


January 3-14, 2011 ($25)

At some point, almost all writers suffer from the inability to tell the story they want. Part of that writer’s block is a lack of joy in the process. So this roll-up-your-sleeves workshop looks at the causes- including boredom, exhaustion and fear of success- and the benefits of such a block. Writers finish the month with new awareness of what works for them, and with renewed inspiration for returning to the craft they love.

Each workshop is a series of email lectures including homework assignments to homework assignments to sharpen your skills. Some people chat about their work and ask questions, others do the assignments but stay quiet, and some simply print everything off the website to read at leisure…so it’s just a matter of what works best for you!

For more information or for a monthly upcoming classes newsletter, email or

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