Guy Gertsch Author- FOLLOWING LEWIS & CLARK A 4,200 Mile Walk


by Guy Gertsch

“Sedentary recall is okay, I gues, especially if all doings are done and remembering is satisfying.” But “sedetary recall” wasn’t satisfying for this author so he decided to experience one of his favorite parts of Western history for himself. Despite the reactions of his friends who insisted he was far too old, at sixty, to begin such a journey, in May of 2004 (200 years to the day and minute) and from Wood River, Illinois at Camp Dubois, Guy Gertsch began following in the footsteps that carried the Corps of Discovery all the way to the Pacific Ocean. And though it would take him two years to complete his journey, Gertsch, like Lewis and Clark before him, kept a journal of his adventures in a very different time.

Gertsch’s sense of humor and wry observations make for an entertaining read. The surprises, expectations and disappointments, the interesting folks he meets along the way- they’re all here, along with photos and a running commentry on the changes wrought by cirvilization over the past two centuries. Put your feet up and relax as this author carries you along with him and effortlessly allows you to see the journey through his eyes.

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