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Robert Flynn Author- JADE: OUTLAW, a new novel


Is doing the right thing the right thing to do? Riley O’Connor did what he was taught was right. When he told his story his listeners agreed he had done the right thing. But Riley was not convinced and became Jade, a feared and respected outlaw. Then he met a woman who could prove he did the right thing but she did what everyone knew was the wrong thing and refused to confess it.

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Donna Clark Goodrich Author- HEALING IN GOD’S TIME


by Donna Clark Goodrich

Trusting in God’s Faithfulness on the Journey to a Miracle


Believe Books

For all who are seeking a miracle of healing- here is the amazing healing testimony of award-winning gospel songwriter, Dave Clark. While fighting a 19-year battle with a painful disease that would lead him on a daunting journey of faith and perserverance, healing finally came in God’s time. And it can come to you too.

This is not only Dave’s story- it is a story of those pastors, missionaries and lay people who prayed faithfully for Dave’s healing from a painful incurable disease- those where were directed to specific places at specific times for a specific reason. It is a story of how the Lord “worked all things together for good,” in setting up a miraculous network of believers to complete at work He wanted to accomplish in Dave Clark’s body and soul.

Whatever side of miracle you are on, this book will show you that God is there, walking by your side every day.

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ISBN # 0981706118

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Mary Ann Hutchison Author- MOOCHI’S MARIACHIS


by Mary Ann Hutchison

The friendship and shared dream of four teens is sorely tested- and ultimately rescued- by their love of Mariachi Music.

At fine bookstores everywhere

ISBN: 978-0-9842258-0-4


Published by Open Books Press, USA


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Brenda W. Clough Author- DOORS OF DEATH AND LIFE


by Brenda W. Clough

What do you do with a secret?

Whisper it in a desert at high noon.

Lock it up and bury the key.

Tell the nation on prime-time TV.

Choose a door…

Tor Books

ISBN 0-312-87064-7

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Maxwell Alexander Drake Author- GENESIS OF OBLIVION


by Maxwell Alexander Drake

Follow the Saga

Read the first four chapters


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Betty Webb Author- DESERT LOST, A Lena Jones Mystery

DESERT LOST, A Lena Jones Mystery

by Betty Webb

“Richly researched and reeking with authenticity- a wicked expose.”- Paul Giblin, winner of the 2009 Pultzer Prize for journalism

“If Betty Web had gone undercover and written DESERT WIVES as a piece of investigative journalism she’d probably be up for a Pulitzer…”- “New York Times”

“Readers will need a strong stomach as webb lays out the details of polygamy and cult-life in this past-paced sixth series entry that will appeal to readers who enjoy gritty Southwestern mysteries. No one writes quite like she does.”- “Library Journal”

“This is a complex, exciting entry in a first-class series, and it makes an excellent read-alike for Sue Grafton fans.”- “Booklist” starred review

Poisoned Pen Press
6962 E. 1st Ave. #103
Scottsdale, Az 85251

DESERT LOST by Betty Webb
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-59058-681-5 $24.95
Large Type Tpbk 978-1-59058-682-2 $22.95

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Molly McKinney Author- IN PLAIN SIGHT


by Molly McKinney

Hot off the press! IN PLAIN SIGHT is a full-length “cozy” mystery starring Mrs. Mildew. Two chapters that appeared in Arizona Mystery Writers’ 2004 anthology have been enhanced. Everyone who helped with the polishing over the years is acknowledged herein.

Readers who kindly provide honest feedback are immortalized in the Readers Hall of Fame on my blog site,

Other blog sites you are welcome to visit are: (short stories) — (Mrs. Mildew) — (computer art).

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