by Herman Rednick 

      Artist and mystic Herman Rednick taught meditation and the awakening of the heart through love and service.  His teachings combined Eastern and Western spiritual traditions and his paintings and writings express his meditation experiences of the higher worlds. 

      From the mid-sixties until his death in 1985, Herman led a meditation class near Taos, New Mexico, each week giving a lesson for students to focus on.  He painted every day as well as answered questions and gave guidance on the spiritual path. 

      Many of his teachings are available through his books  GOD TOUCHED THE EARTH, THE HIDDEN DOOR TO REALITY and THE SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLE IN ART and through meditation groups which continue the practice of the path he taught. 


      Herman Rednick was born in Philadelphia in 1902.  He studied at the National Academy of Art in New York City, graduating with honors in 1927. 

      His search for spiritual understanding led him to an intense study of several religions.  Through the application of Hindu philosophy, Herman awakedned the faculties within and an awareness which allowed him to see deeper aspects of the natural and spiritual worlds.  He began to experience for himself the inner reality of these mystical traditions and to paint his experiences.  He focused with intense devotion on the Christ.  Shortly after this, at the age of 40, he was inducted into the army and served in the Pacific in World War II.  In 1949, Herman moved to Taos, New Mexico where he continued his meditations and his painting. 

      In the 1960’s students began to seek him out for advice and he started a small class in meditation.  During this period he traveled to India twice, spent time in the Himalayas and made contact with Lama Govinda and W.Y. Evan-Wentz, early writers on Tibetan Buddhism.  While in India, Herman realized his purpose lay in the United States and he returned to Taos to continue teaching meditation class through the ’70’s and ’80’s.  He gave one or two lessons a week on the spiritual path-inspiring and instructing-until his death in 1985 at the age of 83. 

      A meditation building was constructed by his students in 1982 and houses many of his paintings.

      In the 1990’s several of Herman’s students, under the direction of Lama Karma Dorje, a lama of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Bujddhism, constructed a Tibetan Stupa, the Kagya Mila Guru Stupa, so named as a memorial to Herman. 


      Herman Rednick taught that the transformation of the personality through love and service opens us to experience the spiritual reality or presence in our lives.  He taught that we are not alone in this journey, but accompanied by angelic beings and a spiritual brotherhood, and that there is a sacred destiny for every person and for the earth itself. 

      His teachings evolved out of his own intense meditation experiences.  He explored the mysteries of ancient Egypt and Tibet, reflected on the life of Christ and the New Testament, and meditated on nature, opening the door to unseen worlds.  His teachings include lessons on the nature and development of love, the higher worlds, healing, the Holy Mother, the reappearance of the Christ, the use of daily life as yoga, the use of marriage as a spiritual path, and Western esoteric and Tibetan traditions. 

      Techniques for the spiritual work include gratitude for every experience, love for every person we know, re-writing negative experiences, creative expression, meditation, visualization, and mantra.  These tools help to transform the personality and clear the channel for the light and love of the true self and soul. 


      Herman Rednick studied painting at the National Academy of art in New York City from 1923 to 1927, graduating with honors for his figures and portraits.  He exhibited at the National gallery in New York and at galleries in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.  As his inner life intensified through his practice of meditation, the subjects of his paintings moved from portraits, nudes, and landscapes to vivid and prismatic depictions of inner worlds.  Starting in 1936, his mystical paintings were exhibited in New York and later in Los Angeles, Ojai, Santa Fe and Taos. 

      Herman’s paintings chronicled his inner journeys.  Early paintings include a series in watercolor from his meditations on the life of Christ and a series in oil on canvas of esoteric images (1940’s)  After he moved to Taos, his works show ancient Mayan temples and modern day events suggesting a spiritual dimension.  Also a variety of lithographs range from Christ healing the leper to the spirit of war to portraits of men and women in Taos Pueblo (1950’s-1960’s)  Caseins from this period are detailed rendings of mystical subjects.  In his later oils (1970-1980’s), a palette of intense rainbow-like colors reveals a world of temples on high mountain peaks, a spiritual brotherhood, and spirits of nature. 

      Since the images in Herman’s painting were inspired by his meditations, these painting may be used as objects of meditation and can act as doorways to higher states of consciousness. 

      Herman’s home north of Questa, NM displays many of paintings, as does the nearby meditation building constructed by his students. 


      Nearly three decades after Herman’s passing, his work continues today.  If you are interested in more information on classes or publications please contact either: robertindiana@gmail.com or facicot2isl@kitcarson.net

NEW EMAIL: <racocot2is1@gmail.com


      The following publications are available for purchase through Open Door Publishing:

      HERMAN REDNICK, THE HIDDEN DOOR TO REALITY (1982): an accesible compilation of short, poetic accounts of some of Herman's experiences in this and higher worlds   Paperback. 148 pages.  $12.00

      HERMAN REDNICK, GOD TOUCHED THE EARTH (1984): a narrative of Herman's meditation experiences on the life of Christ.  Paperback, Illustrated.  $12.00

      HERMAN REDNICK, LIVING IN THE PRESENCE (2004): these are unpublished manuscripts discovered at Herman's death.  They include: A study Aid to the New Testament, Dialogues on Practical Mysticism, Transference of Psychic Force in Therapy, and Poems not published in THE HIDDEN DOOR TO REALITY.  Paperback.  169 pages.  $15.00

      HERMAN REDNICK, THE EARTH JOURNEY: FROM BIRTH TO FULFILMENT, VOL 1: LESSONS FOR MEDITATION (2006)  This is a second edition of the first book Herman published in 1980; it had been out of print since 1990.  It has been completely reedited and two more volumes are being prepared.  Volume One contains about 1/3 of the 1,500 lessons extrant and includes an index.  It is a lavish editions with over 100 color reproductions of Herman's paintings.  Hardback. 704 pages $50.00 Paperback $35.oo

      HERMAN REDNICK, ART: THE LANGUAGE OF THE GODS (2008): second edition of THE SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLE IN ART.  A recounting of Herman's inner travels in his search for understanding spiritual art.  He visits, in spirit, artisits of several times and cultures.  Paperback.  Illustrated.  $15.00

      HERMAN REDNICK, THE PATH OF LOVE: 52 PRACTICAL MEDITATIONS (2010): lessons given by Herman introducting his essential concepts and a broad spectrum of topics.  This is a revised and expanded, second edition of the 1987 publication.  Paperback.  $7.00

      HERMAN REDNICK, QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ON THE MYSTICAL PATH OF LOVE: INTERVIEWS OF HERMAN REDNICK (2010): These are edited interviews conducted in 1971-1972.  The Questions are very wide ranging and cover topics not presented anywhere else.  The 864 questions and their answers have been arranged into 31 Chapters for convenience of study.  Paperback. 226 pages.  $16.00


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    So good to see Herman’s work continuing long past my classes with him and the Van Arsdale’s in San Cristobol many years ago.
    Nancy L.

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