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      Western Writers of America, Inc. was founded in 1953 to promote the literature of the American West and bestow Spur Awards for distinguished writing in the western field.  The founding members were largely authors of traditional western genre fiction, but the organization quicly expanded to include professional historians, screen and television writers, and other non-fiction authors. 

      Today, “Literature of the West for the World” describes the collective work of over 600 WWF members.  Their writings include traditional western fiction, critical analysis, biographies, histories, mysteries, romances, short stories, screenplays, documentaries, songs, and poetry. 

      The Homestead Foundation was formed to promote educatinal, scholarship and award functions.  The Fundation encourages the inclusion of Western material in school curricula. 

      WWF actively helps its members promote their books, articles and screenplays and aggressively promotes the literature of the American West. 

      The annual convention is held each June in a different city.  Members, guest, editors, and agents gather together to renew friendship;s, make important professional contacts, attend panels, go on field trips, and conduct the organization’s business.  Each convention concludes with the Spur Awards banquet, when  the organization honors the best in western writing with that coveted award. 

      The WWA Hall of Fame honors outstanding western writers from the past.  Since its founding in 1980 the Hall of Fame has inducted a distinguished list of authors.  The Hall of Fame is housed at the McCracken Library in the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, Wyoming. 

      Western Writers of America welcomes all published writers who derive their livelihood, in whole or in part, from writing about the land and the peoples of the American West, past and present.  Our membership includes novelists, historians, essayists, journalists, poets, screenwriters, songwriters, editors, publishers, and many others. 


      .  All members receive a $30 subscription to ROUNDUP MAGAZINE

      .  Network with professional Western writers, editors, publishers, and agents

      .  Annual national convention

      .  WWA regional, state, and local seminars and signings 

      .  Membership fee is tax deductible

      .  Expert research assistance through forum participation

      .  Tours of historical sites at the annual convention

      .  Spur Awards 


      We invite you to join WWA’s growing organization which for over a half century has provided writers with a wide variety of exceptional opportunities.  As a professional writing organization, WWA maintains formal membership requirements. 

       For a membeership application please contact the WWA Membership Chair:

      Rob Miller, WWA Membership Chair 

      1665 E. Julho Street 

      Sandy, Ut 84093

      To be eligible for membership in WWA you must be published in fiction or nonfiction books or articles about the historical or contemporary West.  A subscription to the ROUNDUP MAGAZINE is included with your membership dues.  If you are interested in subscribing to the ROUNDUP MAGAZINE, the cost for six issues a year is $30.  Send subscription request to:

      Paul A. Hutton, WWA Executive Director

      MSCO6 3770

      1 University of New Mexico 

      Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001


      (505) 277-5234

      For more information write the WWA executive office or consult the WWA website


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The Society of Southwestern Authors- Meet Acquisition Agents Mercedes Fernandez & J. Ellen Smith at the 2010 Wrangling With Writing Conference

Meet Acquisition Agents Mercedes Fernandez & J. Ellen Smith at the 2010 Wrangling With Writing Conference


        Mercedes Fernandez: Kensington Publishing- adult and young adult fiction

       J. Ellen Smith: Champagne Books

       See you in Tucson, Arizona Saturday Sept. 24-26, 2010 at the Wrangling with Writing Conference 

       For more information go to www.ssa-az.org/WranglingWithWriting

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Race Track Industry Program- $1,500 Funniest Horse Racing Video Contest

      Call for Artists–Create a YouTube video for a chance to win $1,000!      The Race Track Industry Program at the University of Arizona has announced the “$1,500 Funniest Horse Racing Video Contest” that encourages racing fans and amateur filmmakers to use their camcorders or camera phones to capture or create clips that reflect the lighter side of horse racing. Deadline for video submissions is September 30, 2010. More information and official rules can be found at ua-rtip.org. Contact: Denise Pharris at 621-9833 or dpharris@cals.arizona.edu (1)


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