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Curt Stubbs Poet- OUTLAW


      by Curt Stubbs

I was arrested in the neon high sun

by a rookie policeman who said he didn’t

know poetry.  He and his old lady read

best sellers, he said, when they read at all. 

He told me if I didn’t quit screaming verses

at him things would go hard on me and then he

banged my head on the door jamb of his squad car. 

I stood there stupid with a mouth full of words

and no one I could say them to. 

I was arraigned in a room where the walls were stained gray

by the lives of the ones who’d been arraigned there before me. 

The back of the bench in front of me had teeth marks,

a full set, where someone else had bit back their words

when they found out the judge didn’t know poetry either. 

The judge said his name was Stud Poker and he didn’t

tolerate laughter when justice was being dealt out. 

I was found guilty by a jury who also didn’t

know poetry but still thought they were my peers. 

The foreman was a trim black woman who wore

haute couture fashion but still thought poetry

wasn’t being written these days.  She said the last

of the poets died before this country was born. 

She didn’t know that poetry is not written but lived. 

I was sentanced to confinement in a single cell,

and to have my eyes blinded, my hands shackled,

and my mind laundered.  Judge Poker thanked the jury

and said I had been dealt a fair justice for my crimes. 

My mother shed tears and begged him for mercy, but

what does she know about poetry anyway?

Curt Stubs

3880 N. Park Ave.  #A

Tucson, Arizona  85719

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