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Ethel Lee-Miller Author- People are talking about THINKING OF MILLER PLACE


      by Ethel Lee-Miller 

      “I loved this book.  It is definitely a feel good book of childhood nostalgia.  Of interest is the author’s description of her relationship with her identical twin and how this shaped her growing up years.  The setting takes place in their summer home on the North Shore of Long Island in the 1950s’.  Threads of happiness, family togetherness, and love weave their way throughout as the author describes her growth on the way to adulthood which, on completing, left me with an uplifted spirit.”- Brenda Marjaniemi, Az 

      “We all treasure our nostalgia trips to places we remember as children, places that held a special kind of magic for us.  In her book, THINKING OF MILLER PLACE, Ethel Lee-Miller manages to capture the magic of the “red-ribbon” place of her youth with exceptional clarity and touching emotion.  Would that we all could return to such a happy place and have the talent to share it with others in such a crisp, evocative writing style.  What a joy it is to be part of her special family, with real life characters like her “Finn” coming to life in glorious fashion.  THINKING OF MILLER PLACE moves far beyond the norm to reveal why Ethel Lee-Miller sees her experiences at Miller place as molding her personality and life philosophy, not an easy task for a writer of memoirs.” – Duke Southard, Az. author, THE WEEK FROM HEAVEN AND HELL 

      “In her wonderful book, THINKING OF MILLER PLACE, Ethel Lee-Miller reminds us of the power of memory to restore us to a safe place we can go to renew our spirits.  Ethel chooses to recreate a time of love, safety, and connectedness.  Ethel has lovingly recreated the sights, sounds, smells, feelings of a shared time when she was quite simply, a happy child.  And shared it well.  Thank you, Ethel, for reminding us that we can do the same.” – Wendy Dobler author, THE GURU NEXT DOOR 

      “I took the time to settle in with your book this weekend and read it cover to cover.  It is delicious!  I really loved it.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful memoir with me.  I loved seeing the photos as well, and can only imagine what magical summers you had on the shore.  You are an inspiration.” – Linda Morgan, writer. NJ.

      “Ethel Lee-Miller’s memoir is a recollection of growing up and smelling the roses, before adulthood takes us off into different places.  Being an only child, I was particularly taken with Ethel’s dynamic with her two sisters…the added nuance of her being a “twin.”  Her memoir reminded me of some hazy moments in my adolescence when my mother and father were real people doing things I then didn’t understand, while I moved on.” C. Selinger, STUFF YOU DON’T LEARN IN ENGINEERING SCHOOL

      Ethel Lee-Miller   www.etheleemiller.com

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