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      IT MAY BE FOREVER is a nineteenth century tale of adventure and tragedy, based upon the real-life story of Michael Quinn.  To escape the grinding poverty of Ireland’s Great Famine, Michael and his family flee to England where, at age eight, Michael becomes a child laborer in a texitle mill.  As he grows older and more aware of British prejudice and discrimination, he decides to enlist with the Fenian rebels, a group determined to free Ireland from British colonial rule.  Chronic unemployment, however, drives him to American, and defeat on the battlefield lands him on the untamed plains of the Wild West. 

      Faced with unaccustomed oppontunity, Michael quickly abandons the fight against oppression and turns away from family and friends.  Dreams of achieving a great fortune lead him to support the dispossession of Native Americans of their lands and livelihood.  But, after the massacre at Wounded Knee, demons of conscience rise up in terrible nightmares, and only a Lakota holy man offers the hope of redemption. 

      “Let it be said first that IT MAY BE FOREVER-AN IRISH REBEL ON THE AMERICAN FRONTIER is an excellent, very enjoyable book, which would win the highest rating if we did that kind of thing at SPR…. The writing is first rate….  Anyone who enjoys a good read will enjoy this book.”- Francis Hamit, The Self-Publishing Review 


      It was the biggest sailing vessel ever built and the world’s first super-tanker.  In the winter of 1907, the four-hundred-foot, seven-masted schooner T.W. Lawson was making her first trans-Atlantic crossing with two and a quarter million gallons of kerosene for delivery to London.  With almost fifty years of sailing experience, Captain George W. Dow was not intimidated, despite the Lawson’s checkered history.  But, three weeks of hurricane winds and an angry sea conspired to easily defeat man and machine.  Bereft of her sails, the gaint ship found itself trapped in treacherous shoals off the southwest coast of Britain.  Seventeen lives would be lost, including a local pilot attempting to avert disaster.  Now, Captain Dow is called to account, most especially to himself.  LEVIATHAN’S MASTER is a true story, transformed into a gripping historical novella by the Captain’s great, great nephew. 

      “The tale of the largest sailing vessel’s ocean crossing is compelling at a very human level.  The author weaves the survival tale of his great, great uncle with dialogue and descriptive historical facts to create a story that ebbs and flows aas waves on an ocean.  It is engaging and intriguing to be brought back in time for such an event, in such a personal way.  LEVIATHAN’S MASTER is a highly recommended read…. It is gripping.”- Lisa Haselton, Allbooks Reviews

      Visit author David M. Quinn at www.davidquinnbooks.com

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Barbara McNichol editorial- Bobbi Linkemer’s new book HOW TO WRITE A NONFICTION BOOK


When I read Bobbi Linkemer’s new book How to Write a Nonfiction Book,
I had three burning questions in mind:

  1. Is this overview up to speed in our ever-changing world of
  2. Does it include meaningful descriptions of the specialties I deal
    with—editing book proposals and manuscripts—when working
    with nonfiction authors?
  3. Would I recommend it to new authors of nonfiction books and
    prospective clients?

This book surpassed my expectations in all three aspects. Without
getting bogged down in the infinite details of Internet marketing,
Bobbi addresses the role of ebooks, blogs, Print-on-Demand, and more.
She notes the emergence of publishing options including independent
publishers and digital publishing, including instructions on how to
upload to Kindle (p.118). 

Bobbi’s impressive recommended reading list features four pages of
books and ebooks. However, I wanted to see publication dates to help
me select the most recently created options. 

I’m big on thoroughly researching and planning your book before
writing it—and Bobbi is, too. I especially liked the segment Ten
Questions to Test Your Book Idea—all questions to take into
consideration sooner rather than later. Answers to these questions
lead right into instructions on how to write a book proposal. She has
left spaces to write lists in the book itself, even writing in your
own deadlines (p. 67). Cool. 

New authors will appreciate Bobbi’s focus, clarity, and easy-to-follow
approach to the book-writing process. How to Write a Nonfiction Book
features loads of content for veterans as well.

Most valuable of all, Bobbi draws a picture of what the entire process
requires—a guide that softens the intimidation factor with well-
written explanations and helpful examples.

Yup, How to Write a Nonfiction Book is a keeper! Bobbi delivers on her
promise of taking the mystery out of the book-writing process. For
more information, go to www.WriteANonfictionBook.com.  

       Barbara McNichol Editorial

     For more from Barbara McNichol go to editor@barbaramcnichol.com

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