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Arizona State Braille & Talking Book Library- GO DIGITAL


      1030 N. 32nd Street, Phoenix Az.  85008

      Ph: (602) 255-5578   Fax: (602) 286-0444

      Outside Phoenix Area:  1-800-255-5578



      As of October 2010, The National Library Service will no longer be producing books on cassette, so be sure to get your request in early for the Digital Book Machine. 

      With the new digital book machine you have a longer play time on battery (29 Hours).  Recharge time of only 2 hours for a full charge.  No more flipping tapes over or flipping switches to get to the other side of the book.  The whole book fits on one digital cartridge.  Better sound quality, smaller player and easy to use.  Keep your cassette player too because not all books are available in digital format. 

      Sign up nor for the Digital Machine.  Call or email us your request. 

      Phone 602-255-5578

      Toll Free 1-800-255-5578


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Amethyst Moon Publishing and Services- News’ Interview of author Dan Misiaszek’s Incredible Rescue & The Power of the Past Tense

Be sure to check out the news’ interview of author Dan Misiaszek’s incredible rescue of a young man who took his canoe over some falls.  The link is in the newsletter.  Please enjoy this month’s article about the Power of the Past Tense (a continuation of the Power of Words series).  The link to the newsletter is:

All the best,
One Choice Can Change a Life™
Publishing With a Personal Touch™
Amethyst Moon Publishing and Services
P.O. Box 87885
Tucson, AZ 85754

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Jerry D. Simmons- Contents of July 29, 2010 TIPS FOR WRITERS FROM THE PUBLISHING INSIDER

July 29, 2010 – TIPS for WRITERS from the PUBLISHING INSIDER is a free bi-weekly eNewsletter published by Jerry D. Simmons. Readers can access additional information at his web site, the SOURCE FOR INFORMATION ON PUBLISHING where we take pride in Preparing Writers for Success.
Broken Record – by Jerry D. Simmons
Of all the material I have written for public consumption over the past seven years there is nothing more true than the following: opportunities for independent authors with eBooks has never been greater and we may never see a time like this again.  
Amazon inks controversial deal for exclusive e-book titles – Excerpts from a post on by Kathryn Robbins
Amazon hasn’t had the best relationship with publishers when it comes to e-books. 
Latest Internet Post from Yours Truly – by Jerry D. Simmons
If the link does not work please cut and paste to your browser. Thank you.
Authors Guild Weighs In On E-Books – Excerpts from an article in The New York Times by Julie Bosman; Compiled by Dave Itzkoff
Last week it was the big book publisher and the big literary agent who sparred over who gets to make e-books out of titles that were published before there were such things. 
Love them or Hate them – by Jerry D. Simmons
Either way Amazon deserves a big place at the table for selling content in printed and digital format.
Digital Books turn Page on Publishing Biz – Excerpts of a blog post on by CNN Anchor and Correspondent, Pauline Chiou
Hardcovers and paperbacks need to make much more room for their digital cousins.    
Hong Kong is No Mecca – by Jerry D. Simmons
So we all know that Hong Kong is not exactly the hub for book sales of any kind, however this indicates that English language eBooks can be sold in countries around the world and that interest and demand is growing. 
E-Books Top Hardcovers at Amazon – Excerpts from an article in The New York Times by Claire Cain Miller
Monday was a day for the history books — if those will even exist in the future.   
Behind the Headline – by Jerry D. Simmons
There is no reason to discount the statistics that Amazon provides however they will not release sales of Kindles and this publicity machine behind the avalanche of press releases is clearly geared toward encouraging sales of eBooks and Kindles. Duh!!  
Amazon’s E-book Sales Tripled in First Half of 2010 – Excerpts from an article in Publishers Weekly by Jim Milliot
In Amazon’s ongoing effort to show how popular the Kindle and e-books are without giving away real numbers the company has released a batch of new statistics about the two products ahead of its second quarter earnings report.
Amazon, Amazon, Amazon – by Jerry D. Simmons
This newsletter was not intended to be an Amazon edition and no one could ever accuse me of being a big fan of the company.  
Book Trailers – by Jerry D. Simmons
The old traditional methods of book marketing are slowly changing to incorporate more audio and especially video in the form of a book trailer.
If the links do not work you can cut and paste to your browser.
For more information visit Misty Taggart is Executive Producer and can be reached by phone at 602-402-6328 or email Authors must book time on the production schedule at least 2 months in advance of the book release.
Once you finish your book trailer you can place on for free. Just another way to market yourself and your writing. 
SUCCESS PLANNING – by Jerry D. Simmons
Emails arrive in my inbox daily asking for help. From wanting to know if a marketing program is a good deal or if a publisher is legitimate to what I think about a new book cover? I’m always happy to assist however I rarely have enough time to go into detail and explain what is really important. What concerns me is that an answer to a question does not always provide enough information to be helpful, as a result I miss that teaching moment. So I’ve decided to make a change and offer more of my time in what I’m calling SUCCESS PLANNING. 
My background in publishing offers me a unique perspective, 25 years with two of the largest trade publishers in the world and the past seven and a half years working with independent authors and small publishers. The work is enjoyable but up to this point I’ve not been able to give the time necessary to most of the questions, issues and concerns as I’d like. This new program will allow me to do that, however there is a price.
My schedule is being arranged to make room for the new SUCCESS PLANNING sessions. The price will be $299 and includes telephone conversations, email access and enough information to help you achieve a publishing/marketing plan that will answer all your questions and hopefully set a course for success as an author. In addition, I’ll give a copy of my book WHAT WRITERS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PUBLISHING plus a copy of my new two-hour CD titled WHAT WRITERS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SELF PUBLISHING with each session.
This is a necessary step for me to maximize my time and provide guidance to those really needing my help. If you are interested in setting a date for your SUCCESS PLANNING session please send me an email
Easy Said Not Easy Done – by Jerry D. Simmons
If you are a serious writer and have dreams of earning a living from your writing, then concentrate on two things: (1) writing and creating new content, and (2) marketing yourself and your writing. 
eBook Development & Distribution – Assisting writers and authors with publication and global distribution of digital content is what I do. If you own the digital and electronic rights to your book, make an appointment for a free consultation with Jerry D. Simmons by email or phone 623-556-2751.
Footnotes – Save Money!Purchase one or several ISBN’s with Bar Code. Don’t pay full price, I can save you money!
Please Pass Along – Forward my newsletter to other writers and authors. Sign-up at, receive free What Writers Need to Know about Marketing.
Feedback Welcome – I appreciate when my audience tells me what they like and dislike about topics and articles in my newsletter. I also like compliments and on occasion a thank you. If I’ve been able to inform and educate you about the business, please let me know.
Reprint Information – You may quote from or use any of the information, all or in part, under the conditions that (1) The author and source is quoted, (2) The republication is not sold or used for any commercial use, and (3) The author, Jerry D. Simmons and web site are prominently referenced. All written material Copyright 2010 Jerry D. Simmons.
Disclaimer – This eNewsletter is not edited. There may on occasion be grammatical, syntax or spelling errors. I acknowledge the fact and apologize.
Jerry D. Simmons – Author, Publisher, Speaker
INDI Publishing Group, LLC 
     Assisting Writers in Publication & Distribution
     Also available as an eBook – THE INFORMATION SOURCE for BOOK PUBLISHING
     Preparing Writers for Success – WRITER & AUTHOR MARKETING
     Multi-Media Marketing Services for New & Emerging Writers

15508 W. Bell Rd., Suite 101-315, Surprise, AZ 85374-3436, USA

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Barbara McNichol- Helen Wilkie’s Business Writing Course

Helen Wilkie’s Business Writing Course

To give your writing skills a boost,
Helen’s 10-module program could be your best
route to:

  • Writing faster
  • Reducing miscommunication
  • Marking you as a competent professional

Check it out!

Also check out Barbara McNichol’s WORD TRIPPER at

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Sydney Writers’ Centre- Writing Workshop GET PUBLISHED IN YOUR FAVOURITE MAGAZINE

Get published in your favourite magazine
Want to know how you can turn your passion into a new career? It is possible, and many of our former students have gone on to do just that.

If you want to write for magazines and newspapers, and get paid for it, you just need the confidence and the right tools to get you started. That’s what our Online Feature Writing course can give you – and you don’t even have to attend a classroom! 

This course will cover:

  • which ideas work and where to get them
  • understanding the magazine/news market
  • different types of feature articles
  • how to research, structure and write a feature
  • what editors want from a writer
  • how to pitch your article or idea to a magazine and sell it!

Here’s what our most recent participants had to say about the course:
‘It was very easy and convenient to do the course online. I set myself a day to download the weekly PDFs and MP3s and would then fit in the three modules over the course of the week as it best suited my time availability. Some weeks I could do the whole Module in one sitting and other weeks I had to chunk it down to manageable time allocations around my schedule. The flexibility to do this was fantastic. I loved the fact that I could have a first listen through with the notes in front of me and then have the MP3 downloads with me in the car for a second listen which helped immensely.’
Shaleen Hill

‘I’ve learnt loads! Yes, I have absolutely benefited from the course.’
Melanie Tong

Online Feature Writing for Magazines and Newspapers with Valerie Khoo/Pamela Wilson
When: Week beginning Monday 2 August 2010 for five weeks
Time: Whenever suits you
Cost: $395

Click here for more information or to enrol online.

If you prefer to learn in the classroom and can make it to our Milsons Point training rooms, our next Feature Writing course will be held with Mat Nott, a successful freelance journalist with over 20 years’ experience.

Feature Writing for Magazines and Newspapers with Mat Nott
When: Wednesdays starting Wednesday 18 August 2010 for five weeks
Time: 6.30 – 8.30pm
Cost: $395

Click on for more information or to enrol online.

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Playwrights Foundation- 2010 Bay Area Playwrights Festival Final Weekend!

Festival Plays

  • The Killing of Michael X, A New Film by Celia Wallace by Cory Hinkle
  • Three Wolves and a Lamb by Yussef El Guindi
  • Atlas of Longing by Jeanne Drennan
  • Hunter’s Point by Elizabeth Gjelten
  • Tvá Kamila by Erin Marie Bregman
  • Port Out, Starboard Home by Sheila Callaghan
           A co-commission with foolsFURY Theater.
BASH! (Bay Area SHorts)
  • Pookie Goes Grenading by JC Lee
  • The Expiration Date by Steven Salzman

Get Tickets


Bay Area Playwrights Festival Final Weekend!

“A full throttle jettison into the new play universe.” Nirmala Nataraj, San Francisco Chronicle.

Most of the festival readings filled up last weekend. Make your reservations today! To Get Tickets go to:

Don’t Miss This Important Conversation

Theater In One World Symposium Friday, July 30 3 to 6pm as part of the Bay Area Playwrights Festival. Listen to Erik Ehn, Marcus Gardley, Chinaka Hodge and Rebecca Novick talk and show work. Moderated by Roberto Varea. Check out this video of Chinaka Hodge on YouTube.
From play cycles to hip hop spoken word poetry, artists across the globe are making theater in response to the world around them. Come hear/experience Erik Ehn’s work in African nations of Rwanda and Uganda, Rebecca Novick’s participation in Soulographie, Marucs’ mythic poetic plays about African American history and Chinaka Hodge’s work on urban healing and the renewal of community.
The event will be part presentation and part interactive participation and will be followed by a reception at the theater.
These artists share a common vision of theater as a mechanism for social change and healing, but they explore and dig this ground from very different points of entry. Come listen to them talk about their truly arresting, artistically compelling and socially involved work and participate in the conversation about why theater matters.
Check out the next wave of new American voices for the theater: Erin Bregman, Sheila Callaghan, Cory Hinkle, Yussef El Guindi, Elizabeth Gjelten, Steven Salzman, JC Lee.
We hope you’ll join us for the final events of the 2010 Bay Area Playwrights Festival!
Amy Mueller, Artistic Director
Visit our website

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Aurora Leighton-Holmes Poet- PARADOX


      by Aurora Leighton-Holmes

      Poems from life 

      Explore the range and depth of human emotion

      Amethyst Moon Publishing & Services 

      Publishing with a Personal Touch

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