Barefoot Books- Award-winning Picture Story Books, Sing Alongs, Anthologies, Poetry, Audiobooks, Putumayo Music, Folkmanis Puppets, Puzzles & More


      Kick off your shoes & go Barefoot 

      Award-winning picture story books, sing alongs, anthologies, poetry, audiobooks, Putumayo Music, Folkmanis Puppets, puzzles & more! 

    For children from birth to 12 years 

     Raise Global Kids with Barefoot Books! 

     Shop online at 

      New special offers every month! 

      Barefoot Home Events are fun with generous host benefits!  Mom’s Night Out   Play Group Story Time

      School Book Fairs and Fundraisers are Easy, Flexible, & Profitable

            – Elementary & Pre-Schools   – Homeschooling Groups   -Child Care Centers 

      At Barefoot Books, we celebrate art and story that opens the hearts and minds of children from all walks of life, inspiring them to reach deeper, search further and explore their own creative gifts! 

     We also come to community events, conferences & farmer’s Markets 

      Contact Leah Noreng to find out more! 


      Barefoot Books   Celebrating Art and Story

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