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Croatian Drama- Zagreb Youth Threatre will Appear at Two International Theatre Festivals

      ZKMZagreb Youth Theatre will have guest appearances at two international theatre festivals during May and June. ZeKaeM will perform Generation 91-95 on 13th and 14th of May at the Wiener Festwochen in Vienna.  Afterwards, the Zagreb Pentagram will be performed at the New Plays from Europe Festival in Wiesbaden (Germany).

      Generacija 91-95 – Generation 91-95
      Drama / Zagreb / Premiere IN THE GERMAN-SPEAKING REGION
Based on Boris Dežulović’s novel Who Gives a Damn About 1,000 Dinars Now (Jebo sad hiljadu dinara)

      Two groups of uniformed youngsters sit facing each other.   Either heavily armed party observes the other suspiciously, yet the only difference between the two groups is a different flag on their uniform sleeves.   One group is composed of members of a Croatian special unit, while the others belong to a Bosnian special unit.   The two platoons have met by chance in a no man’s land sometime during the war.   Since both groups are wearing the other army’s uniforms as a stratagem to confuse the enemy, the outcome is first irritation and later fraternisation.   The end result, though, is mutual annihilation.

      Director Borut Separovic’s staging of Boris Dezulovic’s satirical novel Who Gives a Damn About 1,000 Dinars Now with an ensemble composed of Zagreb youngsters aged 15 to 19 employs a very precise choreography that does not shy away from pathos.   In this fictitious story that yet is anchored in a very real historical context, the war is staged by a generation that, being born after the fact, knows it only from tales and memories.

      A one-year working process involved the youngsters not only in playacting but also in historical research.   The participants’ task lay in finding out about the acts of war that occurred precisely on their individual birthdays.   Thus the second part of the performance offers a highly personal chronology of the war years.   In Zagreb, the performance and its young, very dynamic actors are celebrated despite or perhaps because of the explosive political topicality of the production.

      Zagreb Pentagram
     Nina Mitrovic, Ivan Vidic, Filip Sovagovic, Damir Karakas, Igor Rajki
Directed by Paolo Magelli
     The omnibus Zagreb Pentagram, which links five dramatic texts of the noted writers Nina Mitrovic, Ivana Vidićc Filip Sovagovic, Damir Karakas and Igor Rajki, describes an authentic, generational view of Zagreb in transition – mostly the exciting years from 1980 until today.  The director Paolo Magelli uses the stage to pose questions that concern us and which we come across every day – questions of individual and social responsibility, the burdens of the past, and the uncertainties of the future.

      The protagonist of this unique theatrical project is the city of Zagreb, and Magelli evokes on the stage all of the temptations and conflicts of a time that has changed us.  The wartime and post-war period, the passage from one millennium to another, our ability to cope, or our inability to cope, in an atmosphere of a lost moral compass, questions of individual and social responsibility, the burdens of the past, the disjointedness of the present and the uncertainty of the future will be depicted in a performance whose genre is not easy to describe but which brings together those themes that directly relate to us and which we come across every day.
      Zagreb Pentagram, speaks in an authentic voice about this modernity, about the city in which and with which we live, about the people that we meet everyday, and finally about ourselves.

      For more information about Croatian Drama go to www.croatiandrama.wordpress.com

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