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       This is a very interesting story, well written and documented.  For me, an Arizona transplant (30 years) from another tribal area in MN (30 years), it is important and fundamental history that tells the tale of how my home area was developed.  My family settled in Wisconsin (from a very poor existence in northern Norway) after the American Indians had been rounded up and shipped off to foreign lands (Florida, Alabama, etc).   So we were never directly involved in the persecution of the Native Americans.  This book is not just about Mickey Free though.   It is more about the plight of the Indian people of that time to-the-present.  I am personally saddened by the way the “settlement of the west” was conducted by the US government in the mid-to-late 1800′s.   Allan pulled the information together, telling the story from Army and government owned records.  I live in Apache County Arizona (15 years) where much of this history took place.  I believe Allan’s account to be objective, factual and pristine.  I feel like I now know what happened during an era that is so important to the current situation of the Apache and Indian people who still predominate the area.   The prejudice still exists.  I will do what I can to speak respectfully and persitently about the fine people who were chased, run down and imprisoned for being here, in the way of progress. Thanks Mickey Free, and Thanks Allan Radbourne.  God bless you and yours.


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Arizona Daily Star May 23, 2010- BOOK EVENTS

      BOOK EVENTS  May 23, 2010


      Mystery Book Group- Antigone Books, 411 N. Fourth Ave.  Group will discus WHAT THE DEAD KNOW by Laura Lippman.  12:30 p.m.  May 23.  Free.  792-3715

      CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR WORLD- Barnes & Noble, 5130 E. Broadway.  Teacher Kelsang Lingpur of the Tara Mahayana Buddhist Center will present a workshop on meditation and transformation.  The books highlighted will be: EIGHT STEPS TO HAPPINESS, TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE and HOW TO SOLVE OUR HUMAN PROBLEMS.  1 p.m.  May 23.  Free.  512-1166. 

      Buddhist Book Group- Antigone Books.  411 N. Fourth Ave.  Group will discuss THE ART OF POWER by Tich Nhat Hanh.  2 p.m.  May 23.  Free.  792-3715


      Science Fiction Book Club- Oro Valley Public Library.  1305 W. Naranja Drive  ARCHFORM: BEAUTY by L. E. Modesitt Jr.  7-8 p.m.  May 25.  Free.  229-5300


      Book Sale-  Nanini Branch Library, 7300 N. Shannon Road.  10 a.m.- 3 p.m.  May 26.  Free.  594-5365. 

      Sonoran Sleuths Mystery Book Club- Oro Valley Public Library.  1305 W. Naranja drive.  GONE TOMORROW by Lee Child.  11 a.m.- noon.  May 26.  Free.  229-5300.


     I Love Books Group- TMC Senior Service El Dorado Campus.  1400 N. Wilmot Road.  Discussing THE HEMINGSES OF MONTICELLO: AN AMERICAN FAMILY.  2-4 p.m.  May 27.  Free.  324-4345


      Urban Yarns at the Library- Joel D. Valdez Main Library.  101 N. Stone Ave.  Bring your hooks, needles and lunches and peruse the library’s fiber-themed books.  No instruction provided.  Noon- 1 p.m.  May 28.  Free.  791-4010. 

      Byrd Baylor- St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church.  3809 E. Third St.  Byrd Baylor will read from her essays and children’s stories and talk about living in Arizona’s border region at a summer send-off meal for the Guatemala Project.  6 p.m.  May 28.  Free, donations encouraged.  623-3063.

      Kathryn Bertine- Antigone Books, 411 N. Fourth Ave.  Meet the author of AS GOOD AS GOLD: ONE WOMAN 9 SPORTS, 10 COUNTRIES, AND A 2 YEAR QUEST TO KAKE THE SUMMER ELYMPICS.  7 p.m.  May 28.  Free.  792-3715.   

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Jude Johnson, Author- Scorched Hawk Press


      Jude Johnson, Author

      PO Box 35271

     Tucson, Arizona  85740-5271

     Email: judejb@comcast.net 


      Historical Novels by Jude Johnson

DRAGON’S BLOOD: Book Three in the Dragon & Hawk series

      The massive influx of Anglos to the Arizona Territory by 1904 has brought a flood of people with inflexible, bigoted attitudes.  Jamie Jones strongly resembles his Mexican mother, marking him as a target for racial bias and taunts – and leading to frequent fistfights.  But he also has his Welsh father’s stubborn persistence: he refuses to give up on winning the attentions of Iris Crawford, an alluring young Anglo woman newly arrived from Meadville, Pa. 

      Percy Kindall lives a privileged, lavish lifestyle in San Diego – until the horrible morning he discovers his father has put a pistol in his mouth and pulled the trigger.  The only clue to his father’s last act lies in a letter sent to a Reyna Jones in Tucson, A.T.  His journey to comprehend his father’s suicide leads to far more than Percy bargained for. 

      Unaware of greedy machinations by the beautiful Miss Crawford, Jamie and Percy’s lives intertwine, connected by destiny – and Dragon’s Blood.  

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Barbara Marriott Author- Books by Barbara Marriott


      Put yourself in history. Get acquainted with the people, involved with the events, and immerse yourself in the times. Barbara Marriott’s nonfiction history books bring history alive….








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University of Arizona- Critical Languages Series CD-ROM & DVD-Rom Courseware

      Critical Language Series  CD-ROM and DVD-ROM Courseware 


      “Its content is rich, organized and up-to-date.  It accommodates different learning styles, and allows students to explore Brazilian culture, vocabulary, and grammar in context.”

      Clemence Jouet-Pastre, C&IT Centre (University of Hull, UK)  Review of beginning Brazilian Portuguese

      “…user-friendly, linguistically and pedagogically very sound, well conceived and quite affordable”

      Calico Review: Beginning Cantonese 

       Each multi-media CD-ROM or DVD-ROM is the equivalent of a complete textbook and workbook, with audio and video.  It can be used either by independent learners or by students in a traditional or self-instructional classroom setting.  This courseware was produced in cooperation with the National Association of Self-instructional Language Programs (www.nasilp.net) and is qquivalent to a one-year college course. 

      Our courseware features a variety of interactive exercises to accommodate a wide range of learning styles and preferences.  Extensive graphics, gramatical and cultural notes give the learner an in-depth exposure to the language and culture. 

       Exercises include:

      .  Fill-in-the-Blank

     .  Multiple Choice 

     .  Listening dictation

     .  Flash Cards

     .  Pronunciation


      This Multimedia Courseware:

      .  Contains lessons with native speaker dialogues and readings 

      .  Contains an average of 8,500 native speaker audio recordings 

      .  Lets learner see, hear and speak in the target language 

      .  Uses natural native speech as its model 

      .  May be used for independent study or in the classroom

      .  Contains exercises at variable speeds and complexities 

      .  Ideal for sustainment, review and phonetic training

      .  Allows the learner with a microphone-equipped computer to record and play back their own voice, and compare it with the native speaker. 

      All lessons were created using MaxAuthor the University of Arizona’s sofware for interactive language learning. 

      Available at bookstores worldwide and on the web!  Distributed by The University of Arizona Press

      To order call (800) 426-3797  or (520) 621-5813

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