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Voices For Education- Improving Arizona’s Public School


      Inproving Arizona’s Public Schools 


      The need for public education improvement in Arizona is great.  Arizona’s 272 school districts serve the needs of over 900.000 students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.  Our class sizes are the second highest in the nation.  We have the country’s highest high school dropout rate.  And Arizon consistently ranks at the bottom in per-pupil spending. 

      Voices for Education is working to improve this system, and we need everyone’s help. 


      Voices for Education is an organization made up of parents, educators and community members working together to improve the educational outcomes of Arizona’s children. 


     Voices for education his three goals:

      .  Reduce class sizes in grades k-3 to no more than 18 students 

      .  Increase parent engagement in public schools 

      .  Increase funding of public schools statewide 

      We carry out these goals though three main activities: developing parent leaders, researching and undertaking public policy analysis and building public awareness. 

      Developing Parent Leaders 

      Voices for Education give parents the information, tools and skills they need to become effective advocates in their children’s school and school district. 

      Our Parent Leadership Institues reach out to parent activists who want to work to improve education for all Arizona’s children.  The intensive one-day orientation and training followed by weekly meetings for eight weeks covers understanding school policy making, analyzing school budgets, the benefits of smaller clases, increasing parent engagement, understanding standards and assessment, promoting reading, plus action strategies for carry out change. 

      Voices for Edujcation also offers half-day workshops on school site councils, educating parents about this local decision-making body and encouraging their participation in their school’s site council. 

       Analyzing Public Policy 

       Voices for Education believes that education policy should be grounded in credible research and analysis.  For example, our research demonstrates that k-3 students in small classes (under 18) have improved math and reading skills, out perform their peers in larger classes, and are more likely to graduate from high school.  Voices has analyzed how other states have reduced class sizes, summarized research studies, and investigated legislation.  This work has been used by state legislators, school districts and parents as they work to reduce class sizes and increase funding. 

      Copies of our reports on class size and other education issues are available on our website: www.voicesforeducation.org:

      .  Smaller Classes, Brighter Futures: The Benefits of Reducing Class Size in Arizona 

      .  Making Connections: Facing the Dropout Crisis in Arizona 

      .  Money Matters: A School Budget Primer

      .  Arizona School Trust Lands: Our Children’s Legacy, Our Responsibility (Video also)

       Building Public Awareness

      Voices for Education works to ensure firm public support for schools by raising awareness of the importance of a strong public education system and the ways to improve public education in Arizona.  We work with the media, providing information for stories on education issues.  We host community forums on educational reform and provide speakers to civic and community groups. 

      Voices for Education also provides timely messages to members of the public who are concerned about public education issues.  We track education bills in the Arizona Legislature, and send e-mail elerts when elected officials should be contacted about pending bills. 

      Plese contact us if you or your organization would like further information about public education issues in Arizona. 

      How to Help 

      All donations to Voices for Education are fully tax-deductible.  Check with your employer about matching gifts.  Voices for Education is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

      How to Contact Us 

      Voices for Education maintains a website at: www.voicesforeducation.org

      Telephone Tucson: 520-324-0881      Phoenix:  602-271-1911

      Mail:  Voices for Education    P.O. Box 44200  Tucson, Az  85733 

      E-mail:  infor@voicesforeducation.org      www.voicesforeducation.org

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Panleft- At The Forefront of the Struggle over Arizona’s New Laws

With the passage of new hateful laws in the state of Arizona, Pan Left members have been working tirelessly to document the struggle. Visit our video blog http://www.panleft.net for the latest news and videos.

And thanks to all of you who have supported Pan Left recently through your donations. Please keep them coming in! We need your support to continue to document the people’s voice at this time.

Screening Rm FlyerFriday, May 21 7 pm The Screening Room, 127 E. Congress St. Free

Students from Pan Left’s City High class will screen what they have been working on this year at a free screening at the Screening Room, Friday May 21, starting at 7 pm. The event celebrates our 5th year teaching at City High School. Come on out and see what the students have accomplished.

Looking for something to do after the City High screening? Why not attend ¡RISE UP & DANCE! a benefit for Derechos Humanos. After Cypress Hill canceled their concert at the Rialto for Friday 5/21 in opposition to SB 1070, a few community members got together with the Rialto to quickly organize this event. So it’s time to RISE UP & DANCE, showing the world that not all of Arizona is worth boycotting. The event features bilingual political theater, hip-hop, special speakers & a blowout dance party. Pan Left will also be representing with table and footage from recent protests. This is an all ages show.

Friday, May 21 8 pm The Rialto Theater, 318 E. Congress Suggested donation: students $5/$7 community

A shout out to Boys R Us who put on a fantastic show to benefit Pan Left earlier this month. Boys R Us organized the whole event, which included performances from Switchblade Parade and others.

Leilani ClarkVideo of the Tucson Youth rising up and taking action against the attack on ethnic studies in Arizona. 15 were arrested by state police when they conducted civil disobedience.

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CRIZMAC Marketplace- Lecture Series SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION A Literary and Artistic Journey Through Time and Place

Six Degrees of Separation
A Literary and Artistic Journey Through Time and Place

A popular parlor game turned lecture series! Join us as we explore the relationships and influences that connect famous artists and writers throughout history and across the continents. In this unique course, Dr. Bill Fry and Stevie Mack will provide engaging lectures about the featured writers and artists, and you’ll have fun guessing just how they’re going to “make the connection” from one to the next!

Current Topic: Witter Bynner to Wallace Stegner in Six Degrees

Week 1: Witter Bynner, Willa Cather, and Georgia O’Keeffe
Week 2: D. H. Lawrence and Dorothy Brett
Week 3: Ansel Adams and Wallace Stegner

Wednesdays, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
May 26, June 2, June 9
California Design Center Studio C
11085 N. Oracle Rd. Tucson, Arizona
Register to attend at Studio C

Thursdays, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
May 27, June 3, June 10
CRIZMAC Marketplace
1642 N. Alvernon Way
Register to attend at CRIZMAC Marketplace

CRIZMAC Art and Cultural Educational Materials, Inc.
1642 N. Alvernon Way

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