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Panther Peak Bindery- Hand Bookbinding & Conservation

       Panther Peak Bindery 

      Hand Bookbinding & Conservation



      At Panther Peak Bindery we create high quality books by hand, using traditional methods and the best modern materials. 

      Our speciality is custom work: alburms, journals, gifts, portfolios, and presentation bindings.  We also make all types of boxes and enclosures for photographs, family treasures, valuable books, and other objects that need a sturdy, secure home. 

      Repairing a book is not as much about fixing a binding, as it is about preserving culture and history.  The condition of the cover, the pages and the marginalia, tell us about the book’s importance to its owner.  A well-worn book, or one filled with notes or drawings, was a well-loved book. 

      So repairing a book is more than fixing the binding and pages, it is also preserving the story of those who have owned it. 

      Book Repair and Conservation

     Repair of Your Bindings 

     The full range of professional book conservation and repair is available at Panther Peak Bindery. 

     Do you need a small repair on an old or new family book?  Are some books in your collection in need of professional conservation such as being taken apart, washed and deacidified?  We’re happy to consult with you.  We strive to use as much of the original binding as is possible or practical- including covers, spines, endpapers, and pages…and only use the best materials available in our repairs. 

       We are also experienced in disaster response and the recovery of books and other library materials that have been water damaged.  Whether you have hundreds of wet books, or just one or two, we can help you save your collection. 

      Collection surveys and one-site institutional work can be done on a daily or hourly rate. 

      Boxes and Enclosures 

      Placing a book, or other objects, in a box or enclosure is often the best solution to preserve it–even if the item is also being conserved.  Boxes protects the book from dirt, polution, light and water damage, and also allows you to transport it without causing stress to the binding. 

      All enclosures are made one at a time to fit the exact dimensions of the item being boxed.  They can be covered in cloth or leather in order to blend in with books in your collection.  Boxing is an important element in the preservation of bindings important to your collection. 

      Should your book be repaired?

     The cost of repairing a binding is often much higher than replacing it with another used or new book. 

      However, if your books fits one of the catergories below it is a good candidate for repair. 

       1.  Books with sentimental value 

      2.  Books that cannot be replaced

      3.  Books with high monetary value 

     You can easily find the replacement value at sites like www.bookfinder.com

      Mark Andersson, who founded Panther Peak Bindery, is a bookbinder, book conservator, and instructor. 

      For nine years Mark was Department Head and sole instructor of the bookbinding program at Boston’s North Bennet Street School, teaching all major aspects of bookbinding, book conservation, and book repair, while also maintaining a conservation practice. 

      Before teaching in boston, Mark was book conservator in Seattle, working privately for individual and institutional clients across the United States and at the University of Washington. 

      In 1996 Mark received a Fullbright Grant to study book binding and conservation in Sweden. 

      He has taught numerous workshops and short courses and has lectured extensively on the care of library collections, as well as on topics surrounding bookbinding and conservation.

      The Bindery 

      Panther Peak Bindery is located in Tucson and works for individual and institutional clients across the United States. 

      We have a fully equipped bindery making almost any repair or binding project possible.  We also have an adjacent space available for workshops.  Courses are offered occasionally throught the year for all levels of binders- for beginners to professionals.  Course listings cana be found on our web site. 

      Mark Andersson

       Panther Peak Bindery

      PO Box 89640

     Tucson, Az 85752 



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