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Tom Grundner Senior Editor Fireship Press- Purveyor of Fine Words Since 1945

      Tom Grundner

     Senior Editor Fireship Press 



      Purveyor of Fine Words Since 1945

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University of Arizona College of Education- CATS LITERACY WORKSHOP

      CATS LITERACY WORKSHOP  University of Arizona College of Education 

      Department of Teaching, Learning, and Sociocultural Studies   

      We build on your child’s strengths. 

      Language, Reading, and Culture Program

     “My son has a great imagination, but can’t sit still.  The teacher in the CATS Workshop knew how to capture his interest and help him settle down to learn.”


      The Creating Academically Talented Students (CATS) Literacy Workshop provides school-age children and youth special instruction in reading and writing.  We build on each student’s strengths and interest to help meet literacy goals. 

      “My daughter learned so much!  Her confidence in herself has increased 100 percent, and I know she is going to be much happier at school.” 


      Instruction is offered by master teachers who are earning their endorsement as an Arizona Reading Specialist.  The workshop is their capstone experience after successfully completing advance corusework.  A professor whose expertise lies in teaching, reading, and writing leads the program. 

      “My family loved being in the workshop!  We all enjoyed the books and activities that Jose brought home.  His little brother has even begun reading.”


      The CATS Literacy Workshop is held each June and throughout the fall semester.  In June, students are taught from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m., Mondays through Thursdays.  During the fall semester, teachers and students meet at a time convenient to the family plus one afternoon a week (usually Thursdays) from 4:15-5:15 p.m. 

      “This workshop has gotten our smmer off to a great start! 


      UA College of Education   1430 E. Second Street.  Tucson, Arizona 85721

      Do you know a reader or writer who needs special attention?

      Parents, guardians, teachers, and school-reading specialists are encouraged to recommend children and young people who need individualized support and special instruction. 

      Who benefits?

      .  Those who seem to not understand or remember what they read

      .  Those who seem to plod along in their reading without much understanding

      .  Those who can’t think of what to write 

      .  Those whose sentences and paragraphs lack substance and organization

      .  Those who need study skills 

          These are just a few of the many issues we address in the CATS Literacy Workshop! 

        Apply Now! 

      Application is easy.  Call 520-621-1311 and ask to be put on the mailing list for information about the next session. 

      Shortly after calling, you will receive an application form to complete and mail back.  The form asks for your perceptions of the child’s or teen’s language and literacy strengths and needs.  We also ask permission to contact the student’s school or teachers for more information. 


      Tuition varies depending on current uiversity policies, but tuition is usually $200 for the entire session.  Part of the tuition is for the teacher and student to select and purchase reading materials for the student’s personal library. 

      Some scholarships are available. 

      Contact  Virginia Gonzalez  520-621-1311  vpgonzal@u.arizona.ed

       College of Education   www.coe.arizona.edu

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      Now in its Sixth Year in Tucson 

      The Acclaimed Writing School Founded More Than 21 Years Ago in New York City by 2008 Pulitzer Prize Winner in Poetry, Philip Schultz 

      The Writers Studio is founded on the belief that when the desire to write is strong enough, anyone can learn the craft necessary for full creative expression. 

      For information about current activities go to www.writerstudio.com 

      The Writers Studio offers casual and serious writers a supportive community where they can:

      .  Free up their imaginations 

      .  Discover and nurture their own voices 

      .  Connect to deeper levels of feeling in their work 

      .  Learn elements of craft

      .  Learn to create and sustain a compelling narrative voice 

      .  Develop the skills to make stories and poems interesting to others

      .  Learn how to read as a writer 

      .  Receive technical guidance and professional critique and support 

      .  Achieve their artistic goals 

      Eleanor Kedney, a graduate of S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook, is the director of Branch Studios.  Eleanor founded the Tucson writers Studio in the Summer of 2005 after studying and training at The Writers Studio in NYC.  Her poems have appeared in Many Mountains Moving, NY Quarterly, American Poets & Poetry, among others.  She was a 2005 finalist for a Fellowship at Hedgebrook, a residency program for women writers.  She received an honorable mention in the Arizona State Poetry Society 2008 Annual Poetry Contest.  She is currently working on a collection of poems.

      “The Tucson Writer’s is not just a supportive community for writers but a place where people come to make progress in their work.  I have witnessed the progress and the enthusiasm of the studio firsthand, and it has been a comfort to know that a literary beacon shines here in the desert.”- Jason Brown, award-winning fiction writer and author of WHY THE DEVIL CHOSE NEW ENGLAND FOR HIS WORK and DRIVING THE HEART AND OTHER STORIES. 

      To contact Eleanor Kedney go to eleanor@writerstudio.com

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