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Red Coyote Press- MEDIUM OF MURDER, 18 Original Stories of Mystery & Suspense

      18 Original stories of mystery & suspense

      Mediums, mass media, and unusual means of murder


      ISBN 978-0-9766733-4-7

      6×9 Trade paperback 

      Retail: $14.95 plus $2 S&H 

       Red Coyote Press   Mysteries are our specialty 


      To order, send name, address and phone number with payment to 

      Red Coyote Press

      P.O Box 60582

      Phoenix Az 85082

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Penny Porter Author Storyteller- New 2009 Second Editions Released!

      Penny Porter Story Teller  New 2009 Second Editions Released


       HEARTSTRINGS AND TAIL-TUGGERS   340 pages, $18 

      “On the barren stretches that separated our Arizona ranch from  the historical gold-mining towns of Tombstone, Gleeson and Bisbee, teepee-like ant hills, eerie mirages, and devel-winds spinning up dry river beds created an alien dimenstion to life…add to that the dust filled air, cactuses, mequite, and world in shades of gray.  Listen to the voices and heartbeats of all God’s creatures that lived and loved and brightened our world each day.”

      Chistropher Willcox, Editor-in-Chief of Reader’s Digest Reviews. 

      “Penny has made more people laugh and cry with her animal stories than any other author whose work has appeared in Reader’s Digest. She is an original, her book is warm, funny and wise.” 

      ADOBE SECRETS  104 pages,  $12 

      “On the northwest corner of the desert ranch where dust devils dance and yucca bells chime, a crubling adobe ruin bakes like a muffin in the searing Arizona sun.  Its mud-brick walls are split and scarred by time.  Chunks of motar and shards of purple glass skirt the old foundation, and the weather-beaten door sags like a broken jar, creaking and groaning on rusted hinges in dismal harmony with tattered wires and a dented stovepipe the clatter like casanets across the corrugated metal roof.  Who could ever live here?” 

      Philip Osborne, Assistant Managing Editor of Reader’s Digest Reviews 

      “Penny Porter…what a storyteller!”

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