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Arizona Daily Star May 9, 2010- BOOK EVENTS

      BOOK EVENTS MAY 9, 2010


      Living Your Best Life book group- Antigone Books, 411 N. Fourth Ave.  Discuss LETTER TO MY DAUGHTER by Maya Angelou.  Noon.  May 9.  Free.  792-3715 

      Clues Unlimited book club- Clues Unlimited, 3146 E. Fort Lowell Road.  Group will discuss COLD DISH by Craig Johnson.  2-3 p.m.  May 9.  Free.  326-8533

      Second Sunday book group- Antigone Books, 411 N. Fourth Ave.  Discuss LARK AND TERMITE by Jayne Anne Philips.  2 p.m..  May 9.  Free.  792-3715


      Book discussion- Dewhirst-Catalina Library, 15631 N. Oracle Road.  RED WATER by Judith Freeman.  10:30 a.m.- noon.  May 11.  Free. 504-5240.

      Kathryn Bertine- Barnes & Noble, 5130 E. Broadway.  Meet author of AS GOOD AS GOLD: 1 WOMAN, 9 SPORTS, 10 COUNTRIES, AND A 2 YEAR QUEST TO MAKE THE SUMMER OLYMPICS.  7 p.m.  May 11.  Free.  512-1166


      Gen Kelsang Lingpur discusses Gyatso’s EIGHT STEPS TO HAPPINESS- Borders Books & Music, 4235 N. Oracle Road.  A discussion of EIGHT STEPS TO HAPPINESS: THE BUDDHIST WAY OF LOVING KINDNESS by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.  7-8 p.m.  May 12.  Free.  292-1331


      Contemparary Fiction Book Club- Oro Vally Public Library.  1305 W. Naranja Drive.  THE GATHERING by Anne Enright.  10 a.m.- noon.  May 13.  Free.  229-5300 

      NO MORE ROTTEN EGGS: A DOZEN STEPS TO GRADE AA TALENT MANAGEMENT- Barnes & Nobel.  5130 Broadway.  Meet authors Debra Thompson and Bill Greif.  7 p.m. May 13.  Free.  512-1166. 

      Other Voices Women’s Reading Series- Antigone Books.  411 N. Fourth Ave.  Feathured readers.  Judy Ray and Karen Hanson.  7-9 p.m.  May 14 Free.  792-3715.

      Ronald Norville- Borders Books & Music.  4235 N. Oracle Road.  Meet the author of A MAN BEYOND TIME.  7-8 p.m.  May 14.  Free. 292-1331. 


      Book discussion- Mostly Books, 6208 E. Speedway.  SNOW FLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN by Lisa See.  1-2 p.m.  May 15.  Free.  571-0110

      FRIENDS FOR LIFE- Barnes & Noble.  5130 E. Broadway- Meeth author’s Jennifer Mackinday and Patti Donahue. 2 p.m.  May 15.  Free.  512-1166

      THE HARVEST – Borders, 5870 E. Boradway.  Meet Author John David Krygeiski.  2 p.m.  May 15.  Free.  584-011. 

      Reading and book-signing- Barnes & Noble.  5130 E. Broadway.  Meet Patti Donahue, author of FRIENDS FOR LIFE:STRANGERS BROUGHT TOGETHER BY THE WAR IN IRAQ .  2-4 p.m.  May 15.  Free.  512-1166.

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Russ Graham Author- DEADLY DIVERSIONS, A Murder/Mystery Novel


      by Russ Graham

      DEADLY DIVERSIONS is a murder/mystery novel set in the unique world of all-cargo airlines and the crews that fly their planes.

      When three airline captains die in mysterious mishaps on layovers in different European cities, alarm bells go off at the International Pilots Federation’s headquarters.  Enter Don Carling, a private investigator and former airline pilot.  His task is twofold: one, to determine if the accidental verdicts are valid, and two, look for any evidence the deaths are connected. There are  disturbing similarities, he finds, but no concrete evidence of a link.

      His investigation stalls…until a fourth captain is murdered, this time in London.  The murder provides fresh leads, leads that supply Carling with clues to reinforce his growing conspiracy theory.  But proving it is another matter, and key pieces of the puzzle are still missing as  Flight 213,  a 747 freighter,  takes off from London bound for Toronto with, Carling fears, a potential fifth victim in command.

      Interpol, Scotland Yard, the Russian Mafia, a femme fatale, and a colorful yet believable cast of characters all have roles in the cleverly crafted plot – one that gains momentum with every page and ends with an unforeseen and foreboding twist.

      A twist that the reader, with the advantage of hindsight, might decide is more truth than fiction..

      For more information go to www.russgrahamnovel.com

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Marci Martin Author, SECRETS AND LIES, A Hannah Pryce Mystery


      by Marci Martin

      A Hannah Pryce Mystery 

      Hannah Pryce is police detective’s widow.  befriended by her husband’s ex-partner, Dave Mayfield, she is drawn into four murders involving drug trafficking, money laundering, and dark secrets.  She and Dave suspect the murders are connected but the pieces don’t fit.  A crazed German stalks Hannah and when an attempt on her life fails, he kidnaps her and takes her to a deserted airfield across the Mexican border.  There she meets the murderer and solves the puzzle.  But can Dave and the DEA save her before she is thorwn from a plane? 

      Available at www.xlibris.com

      amazon.com, borders.com, BarnesandNoble.com, or your local bookstore.

      Other Books by Marci Martin

      Hannah Pryce Series Mysteries   LICENSE TO STEAL, TANGLED WEBS Out of Bounds- and Dead, & DIRTY GENES 

      GO TO HELL AND MAKE A U-TURN  A true story of her son’s plunge into drug addictions 

      THE MUSE ON MY SHOULDER  Stories and Such

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