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      From Barbara McNichol

Booklet Power for Making Your Communications Profitable

Have you heard of the famous Booklet Queen Paulette
Ensign at Tips Products International?

Paulette continues to publish impressive and helpful
tips booklets on subjects from soups to nuts. For
example, my client Barbara Morris contributed to “Tips,
Tools, and Resources for the Second Half of Life” and
my writing/editing colleague Janice Campbell sent a
booklet “How to Create Credibility as a Freelancer” to all
members of N AI WE . Both feature bite-sized tips from
14 subject-related experts to provide a goldmine of
immediately useful ideas.

Paulette’s latest tips booklet “Communicating for Profit, 70 Tips for
Coaches, Consultants, and Service-Based Businesses” has special appeal

  • The 70 tips target the exact areas that my clients and I delve into
    every day, and
  • It features my tips on how to write persuasively.

The booklet’s focus? How to transform your communications into profits.
Here’s a smattering of headings: “Web Strategies That Win”; “How to
Write Faster”; “Selling with Customer Success Stories”; “Newsletters:
The #1 Marketing Tool.”

If you’d like a copy of this booklet—at no charge—send me an email at
editor@barbaramcnichol.com with Tips Booklet in the subject line. It’s
available in both PDF or printed form. Please remember to send me your
snail mail address if you prefer the printed version.

For more information go to editor@barbaramcnichol.com

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Jerry D. Simmons- Contents of May 6, 2010 TIPS FOR WRITERS FROM THE PUBLISHING INSIDER

      May 6, 2010 – TIPS for WRITERS from the PUBLISHING INSIDER is a free bi-weekly eNewsletter published by Jerry D. Simmons. Readers can access additional information for free at his web site www.WritersReaders.com, the PUBLISHING LIBRARY for WRITERS & AUTHORS where we take pride in Preparing Writers for Success.

       Hopes, Dreams & Reality – by Jerry D. Simmons

       Anything is possible in publishing, dream big but follow a few simple rules.

      Enhanced e-Book Apps Anticipate a New Generation of e-Readers – excerpts from an article online at Relaxnews

       With the release of the iPad, enhanced e-book apps are becoming a hot trend in publishing, with many major publishers announcing plans for enhanced titles.

      The Potential is Staggering – by Jerry D. Simmons

       The big questions for everyone in New York publishing houses regarding eBooks have been: How to improve the viability of an eBook over print?  

        It Doesn’t Take Many E-Book Sales to Make a Kindle Bestseller – excerpts from an article by Sarah Weinman for DailyFinance.com

       For the past two years, Amazon has been exciting consumers and frustrating book industry types with its puffed-up press releases about the strength of Kindle and e-book sales.

      Still Important – by Jerry D. Simmons

      I enjoy bashing Amazon as much as anyone but frankly they are now and will continue to be a major player in online sales of print titles and eBooks for the foreseeable future.  

     So Far, E-Books Aren’t Making Sales Waves for The New York Times – excerpts from an article by PHYLLIS KORKKI

      The publishing industry’s alarm over the electronic book isn’t based on current use.  

      Making Waves – by Jerry D. Simmons

      At this point in the development of the eBook market, sales do not in any way reflect the bestseller lists for print titles.  

     Former Book Designer Embraces e-Books – excerpts from an article by Michael W. Jones for Tech.Blorge.com

      In the mind of at least one person long involved in the aesthetics of the book publishing industry, people often place too much emphasis on the medium containing the words rather than the content created by the words.

     Everyone Will Eventually Join the Parade – by Jerry D. Simmons

     This is just another example of how the future of publishing will look.  

     Publishing is built on “perception” and you improve your chances at success by making wise decisions.  If you have questions about digital product or the market for eBooks, please send an email Jerry@WritersReaders.com. 

       Write Now! 2010: CrimeSEEN

       August 14, 2010 at the Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix, AZ


       Featuring: James O. Born (Keynote), Robin Burcell, Sheila Lowe, Barbara Peters, Alan Kates and Erin Spiers Nelson and Guest of Honor Lesa Holstine.

       This full day conference brings together authors of thrillers and mysteries with publishing industry insiders as well as experts. We feature: James O Born, author and ATF agent; Robin Burcell, author, FBI agent police officer and sketch artist,; Sheila Lowe, author and expert handwriting analyst; Barbara Peters, owner of The Poisoned Pen Bookstore and Poisoned Pen Press; Alan Kates, editor; and Erin Spiers Nelson, high profile criminal psychologist.

       Price: $70 pre-registration, $75 late registration, $80 in person (if available)

      Price includes full day conference, light breakfast and full plated lunch.

      Critique sessions w/ editor: $15 pre-registration, $20 late registration, $25 in person (if available)    

      Video Tutorials – Currently there are several video tutorials posted on YouTube.com.  To find them simply search “jerrydsimmons” and you’ll come to my channel where you can watch, rate and post comments. All in an effort to provide you with information that is helpful to writers and authors, just like this eNewsletter.     

      ISBN and Bar Codes – If you are in need of one or several ISBN’s or Bar Codes don’t pay full price.  Send me an email Jerry@WritersReaders.com, I can save you money!  

      INDI Publishing Group – Assisting writers and authors with publication and distribution of digital content, including eBooks and Audiobooks. If you own the digital and electronic rights to your book, make an appointment for a free consultation with Jerry D. Simmons by email jerry@writersreaders.com or phone 623-556-2751.  

      Please Pass Along – If you find this eNewsletter helpful, please forward to other writers and authors. For your own free eNewsletter sign-up at www.WritersReaders.com and receive free, a 20-page eBook titled What Writers Need to Know about Marketing.  

       Reprint Information – You may quote from or use any of the information, all or in part, under the conditions that (1) The author and source is quoted, (2) The republication is not sold or used for any commercial use, and (3) The author, Jerry D. Simmons and web site www.WritersReaders.com are prominently referenced. All written material Copyright 2010 Jerry D. Simmons.  

      Disclaimer – This eNewsletter is not edited. There may on occasion be grammatical, syntax or spelling errors. I acknowledge the fact and apologize.
      Jerry D. Simmons – Author, Publisher, Speaker
INDI Publishing Group, LLC  
      Assisting Writers in eBook Publication & Distribution
       Also available as an eBook
   Preparing Writers for Success
www.NothingBinding.com – WRITER & AUTHOR MARKETING
   Online Catalog for New & Emerging Writers   Connect with me:
www.YouTube.com search “jerrydsimmons”

15508 W. Bell Rd., Suite 101-315, Surprise, AZ 85374-3436, USA

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Lisa Kyle, Carol Costa, & Maggie TerryViale Authors- HAPPINESS AWAITS YOU, 68 Inpirational Stories

      Happiness Awaits You

     authored with Lisa Kyle,  Carol Costa and Maggie TerryViale is

      now available at  http://amzn.to/happiness-awaits-you !

      This self-help compilation features practical advice plus 68 inspirational stories from 44 authors including expert Susan Jeffers (Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway), actor Dee Wallace (E.T.), expert M.J. Ryan (Attitudes of Gratitude), financial wellness expert Julie Murphy Casserly, designer Antonio Ballatore (HGTV’s The Antonio Treatment) & more! 

      For those who get the book, please consider leaving feedback on our Amazon page:

      Here is some info about the book:

      Do you know how to be happy?  

      Or are you looking for joy in all the wrong places? 

        People often seek happiness in personal relationships, careers, and material possessions, not realizing that true happiness comes from within.

      This book will show you how to nurture your inner joy and share it with others while handling life’s challenges with humor and courage.

      Inside each chapter you will find Stepping Stones — practical guidelines and activities to help you foster the  happiness within you — plus insightful, inspirational stories by contributors such as:

      * Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. (author/expert, Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway series)

      * Dee Wallace (actor, ET:  The Extraterrestrial, The Howling, Cujo, Sons & Daughters)

      * MJ Ryan (author/expert, Attitude of Gratitude, Happiness Makeover

      * Antonio Ballatore (designer/host, HGTV’s The Antonio Treatment)

      * Carol Kline (co-author, Happy for No Reason)

      * Barry Goldstein (Grammy-winning musician/producer)

      * Bill Pelke (founder, Journey of Hope…from Violence to Healing)

      * Julie Murphy Casserly 
(financial wellness expert/ author, The Emotion Behind Money)(world renown choreographer/performer/master instructor of Middle Eastern Dance)

      * Fahtiem

      * Gwen Kenneally (chef/caterer/food writer)

       & more!

       BOOK NOW AVAILABLE at  http://amzn.to/happiness-awaits-you

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