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Lisa Kyle, Carol Costa, & Maggie TerryViale Authors- HAPPINESS AWAITS YOU, 68 Inpirational Stories

      Happiness Awaits You

     authored with Lisa Kyle,  Carol Costa and Maggie TerryViale is

      now available at  http://amzn.to/happiness-awaits-you !

      This self-help compilation features practical advice plus 68 inspirational stories from 44 authors including expert Susan Jeffers (Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway), actor Dee Wallace (E.T.), expert M.J. Ryan (Attitudes of Gratitude), financial wellness expert Julie Murphy Casserly, designer Antonio Ballatore (HGTV’s The Antonio Treatment) & more! 

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      Here is some info about the book:

      Do you know how to be happy?  

      Or are you looking for joy in all the wrong places? 

        People often seek happiness in personal relationships, careers, and material possessions, not realizing that true happiness comes from within.

      This book will show you how to nurture your inner joy and share it with others while handling life’s challenges with humor and courage.

      Inside each chapter you will find Stepping Stones — practical guidelines and activities to help you foster the  happiness within you — plus insightful, inspirational stories by contributors such as:

      * Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. (author/expert, Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway series)

      * Dee Wallace (actor, ET:  The Extraterrestrial, The Howling, Cujo, Sons & Daughters)

      * MJ Ryan (author/expert, Attitude of Gratitude, Happiness Makeover

      * Antonio Ballatore (designer/host, HGTV’s The Antonio Treatment)

      * Carol Kline (co-author, Happy for No Reason)

      * Barry Goldstein (Grammy-winning musician/producer)

      * Bill Pelke (founder, Journey of Hope…from Violence to Healing)

      * Julie Murphy Casserly 
(financial wellness expert/ author, The Emotion Behind Money)(world renown choreographer/performer/master instructor of Middle Eastern Dance)

      * Fahtiem

      * Gwen Kenneally (chef/caterer/food writer)

       & more!

       BOOK NOW AVAILABLE at  http://amzn.to/happiness-awaits-you

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