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Claudia Guadalupe Martinez Author- THE SMELL OF OLD LADY PERFUME, A Top Pick


      by Claudia Guadalupe Martinez.  Cinco Puntos Press

      “Chela’s hopes are high as she enters 6th grade.  She’ll be in the ‘smart’ class with her best friend, her mean-girl nemesis has moved away, and popularity seems inevitable. 

      “Sometimes, though, the transitions we expect are not the ones we face.  Friends betray us, mean girls (it seems) are forever, and the people we love, like Chela’s wonderful father, will not always be with us.  Setting her story in El Paso, Claudia Guadalupe Martinez gives us the gift of a real world, filled with authentic kids and family dynamics.  Though the going is rough, Chela succeeds, and learns to trust herself in the process.  Martinez’s prose, always animated and descriptive, is frequently quite beautiful.  She is an author to watch.” – Cathy Jacobus

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James F. Weinsier Author- WHERE DO WE GO? A Child-friendly about Death


      By James F. Weinsier

      The award-winning book, Where Do We Go?, delicately explores the theme of death in a comforting, child-friendly fashion with reassuring, thought-provoking text and cheerful illustrations. Its non-secular approach compatibly blends with any religious, spiritual or nondenominational framework, opening a pathway for a discussion about the hereafter. Weinsier conceived the book after his tragic loss of three immediate family members over a nine-month period. As he lovingly responded to his young grandchildren’s questions about their loved ones’ fates, the book naturally evolved, becoming an invaluable tool for parents, caregivers and other adults challenged with talking about death with little ones.

Publisher: Wondrous Publications L.L.C.
Fernandina Beach, Florida Price: $12.95 U.S.
Softbound / Nonfiction Size: 9.3″ by 9.01″ / 44 pages ISBN: 978-0-61523-805-0 Pub Date: 2008 Website: www.WondrousBooksOnline.com

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University of Arizona Poetry Center- Offers A FAIRY-TALE WEEKEND with Kate Brenheimer

 A Fairy-Tale Weekend
with Kate Bernheimer
Friday, May 21, 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Saturday, May 22, 9:00 am to 1:00 p.m.
Tuition: $100

       Fairy tales are arguably one of the most important influences on contemporary writers from mainstream to experimental.  This workshop introduces you to the basic techniques of fairy tales and seeks to help you employ them in your own writing.  Poets, dramatists, and prose writers are welcome.  We will open class with a screening and discussion of Jean Cocteau’s iconic fairy-tale film La Belle et La Bete.  Please bring ten copies of your favorite traditional fairy tale (from any culture) to class as a touchstone story to work from.

       Private 20-minute manuscript consultations are available for an additional $25 fee.  All consultation fees will be donated by Kate Bernheimer to the Poetry Center.  You and Kate will meet after the workshop to discuss strategies for rewriting your piece with an eye toward fairy-tale tropes.  You may submit up to ten pages of writing, which must be either fairy-tale themed or fabulist in nature.  If your manuscript is a novel excerpt, you must submit the first ten pages of the novel.  Your manuscript must be submitted to the Poetry Center, along with registration and payment, by May 16. 

Kate Bernheimer is the author of two novels, The Complete Tales of Ketzia Gold and The Complete Tales of Merry Gold; a third novel and story collection are forthcoming.  She also edits fairy-tale anthologies, including My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me: Forty New Fairy Tales, forthcoming from Penguin Books in fall 2010.  She founded and edits the journal Fairy Tale Review and is Writer in Residence at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette each spring. She spends the rest of the year in Tucson

For more information about what is going on at the Poetry Center go to poetnews@email.arizona.edu

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