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Odyssey Storytelling- Presents BORDERS: CROSS-CULTURAL STORIES & see ZA BOOM BA & Comedy Guru Beth Lapides


      Odyssey Storytelling on Thursday, May 6 at 7 p.m., Club Congress, 311 E. Congress St., $7 get your reserved seats here:

      Come hear journalist, Margaret Regan; painter, Chase Cotter; teacher, Marc Severson; retired professor of public health, Joel Meister; professional storyteller, Jordan Hill; and energy worker, Deborah Mayaan tell their amazing and diverse stories on the theme Borders: Cross-Cultural Stories about living with the customs, arts and social institutions of a nation, people or social group other than your own i.e. a different language group, a different gender, living or working abroad, being an immigrant in the US . . .  When have you felt out of your element?

      Have dinner at the Cup Cafe (reservations recommended: 798-1618) in the historic Hotel Congress OR at the new Maynard’s Market and Kitchen on Toole Ave in the Historic Train Depot (reservations recommended: 545-0577), let them know you’re going to Odyssey, and they will reserve a seat for you at the show.  Doors open at 6:30. Free parking on the street after 5 p.m.

      Do you have a story for June 3, Monsoon: Water, Water Everywhere – Think pool parties! Beach lore. Getting drenched in that cloudburst. Stupid motorist law.   Near drowning. Burst pipes, flooded basements. sustainability. Are you harvesting water? Dehydration…aren’t humans 90% water?


      Another cool thing to do this week: You Become The Drummer!  

      Something amazing is coming to Tucson this May 7th and 9th at the Leo Rich in Downtown Tucson.  It’s called Za Boom Ba.   It’s like Stomp – except, YOU get to be part of the action! Get your tickets and more info at http://www.zaboomba.com/

       What is Za Boom Ba? You’re in the theatre watching Za Boom Ba.   You want to leap off your seat, ignited by the electrifying dancing…the explosive grooves of a powerful drumming ensemble.  Wait…you are not just listening to the drumming, you are drumming!   Every audience member becomes a part of the unified beat when percussion instruments, from shakers to a real, full on, thumping, drum, are given to everyone in the 500-member audience.  

       This is a wonderful family event, locally produced with local talent all from Tucson; please share this with everyone you know.  This unforgettable evening will leave you smiling from ear and thoroughly energized!  


       And put this mini festival on your calendar – you won’t want to miss any of these events:
Alt comedy guru Beth Lapides’ mini-festival of screenings, workshop and a new solo show coming to Tucson in June!
Beth Lapides is a paradigm-shifting cultural visionary. She’s the creator and host of ‘Un-Cabaret’, the legendary alternative comedy show that created a revolution in personal storytelling. She has appeared on NPR, Politically Incorrect and Sex and the City.  She’s the author of “Did I Wake You”, a critically-acclaimed book of haiku and writes a column called “My Other Car is a Yoga Mat” for LA Yoga Magazine.

Wed. & Thurs. June 16 & 17, 7:30 p.m. – Beth curates and hosts “The Other Network”, a festival of the best un-aired TV pilots ever made introduced by their creators, including Conan O’Brien, Ben Stiller and Judd Apatow, starring Jack Black, Owen Wilson, Amy Poehler, Ray Romano and more at The Loft Cinema3233 E. Speedway Blvd. Tickets $8.00 general; $7.00 Loft Cinema members. Double Feature Ticket (good for both nights):  $14.00 general; $12.00 Loft members at The Loft box-office, or call 520-795-0844.

Saturday, June 19, 8 p.m. – Beth performs her new solo show, 100% Happy 88% of the Time”, a turned-on tour-de-force that combines story, science and standup, multi-media, music and metaphysics at Club Congress311 E. Congress St. Tickets are $15 at the door, $10 in advance at http://bethlapides.com/.

Sunday, June 20, 11 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. – Beth and husband/partner Greg Miller lead a special one-day intensive session of “The Comedian’s Way”, a workshop for writers, performers and other humans at Club Congress. $20 at the door, $15 in advance at http://bethlapides.com/. 

Penelope Starr


Odyssey Storytelling creating connections ~ one story at a time

StoryArts Group, Inc. producing Odyssey Storytelling, A Colorful Life and the documentary film The Adobeland Project.  
Learn more about us at www.storyartsgroup.org

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Lynnette A. Murray-Gibson Author- The Magical Adventures of Clara the Cleaning Lady CLARA MEETS MR. TWIDDLES

      The Magical Adventures of Clara the Cleaning Lady CLARA MEETS MR. TWIDDLES

      by Lynnette A. Murray-Gibson

     Children will delight in the day of the life of cranky cat, Mr. Twiddles, and a noisy stranger, Clara the Cleaning Lady, who unexpectedly visits him. But, there’s something amazing about Clara, her Very Special Powers let her talk and listen to Mr. Twiddles!   Should Mr. Twiddles try to be her friend, or get her out of his cozy, quiet home for good?   This beautifully illustrated story will keep kids reading to find the conclusion of its silly, happy tale.

      Proceeds from this book, written by a real-life cleaning-woman-turned-author, will be donated to build schools for underprivileged children in Liberia.

      Clara Meets Mr. Twiddles: The Magical Adventures of Clara the Cleaning Lady the delightful story of a cleaning lady with very special powers and her new friend, a cranky, territorial cat, won first place in the children’s book category at the 2009 Hollywood Book Festival!!

      2009 Winner Arizona Authors Association Literary Contest

       3rd Place Children’s Literature

ISBN: 978-1589851239
Price: $ 15.95
Publisher: Little Five Star, a division of Five Star Publications
Date Published: Summer 2009
Binding: Softbound

For more information and to order book go to http://www.fivestarpublications.com/mrtwiddles/


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JOHN LUCK, MD [John Raffensperger, MD] Author- DIAMONDS OF DEATH, a surgical thriller


      by JOHN LUCK, MD [John Raffensperger, MD]

      Five Star Publications, Inc.

      POB 6698

      Chandler, AZ. 85246-6698

      ISBN 13 978 1 58985 100 9

      Diamonds of Death is a surgical thriller that pits Tom Slocum, a MASH surgeon, returned from the Korean War against Little Louie, a Mafia Hit Man.   Little Louie tries to double cross his Mafia boss, Big Tuna by stealing a fortune in diamonds.   It all goes bad when a gangster swallows the diamonds, is shot by the cops and is taken to the Cook County Hospital, [Chicago].   There, Tom Slocum, the night surgeon operates on the gun shot wound, but doesn’t find the diamonds.   Little Louie, the crooked cops and a local politiciian thinks he has them.   From then on, the surgeon, along with a good looking reporter run for their lives–but where to–Paris, the South Seas, or does Dr. Slcoum defend his reputation and his surgical career?


      Ray Buck, “The Island Sun”-  “if read by the right person, Diamonds of Death could easily become a smash hit film”   In these 318 pages Raffensperger has it more than all.   The tentacles of the deadly Mafia underworld of Chicago, political corruption unmatched in any other U.S. city.   A wild car chase through downtown Chicago, sex, a deadly battle of boats on a storm tossed Lake Michigan,   Enough scenes of glood and guts and surgical narrative to make TV’s mecial dramas like Grey’s Anatomy come off pale by comparison.”

      Alex Axel, novelist and WWII historian- “This book is truly reminiscent of that 20th century masterpiece, Guys and Dolls, by Damon Runyon.–  The sensitive ear of the author is combined with an accomplished style that makes the reader become so deeply involved in the story that he or she tends to forget the writing process.”

      The author, John Luck, MD [John Raffensperger, MD] was a surgeon at the Cook County Hospital in Chicago, a former Navy medical officer, a professor of surgery at Northwestern University in Chicago.   He has written numerous surgical textbooks, a history of the Cook County Hospital, a collection of medical short stories and his latest novel, “The Doctors Apprentice”, an 1871 medical-historical adventure.

      John Raffensperger, MD 4771 Tradewinds, Sanibel, Fl 33957

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