Wilma Gore Author- Short Story and Essays Published

      Wilma Gore, Village of Oak Creeek writer and workshop leader, received copies (Feb. 1st, 2010) of VOICES, an anthology subtitled HOW 76 AUTHORS FOUND PUBLISHING SUCCESS.  It contain her short story, “Cellmates.”  The anthology is published by Writers Institue, Inc (Connecticut), publisher of marketing guides for both adult and children’s magazines and books.  Her photo, along with eight of the 76 authors is on the cover.  Her short story was originally published in the Montana State University annual of 2007 where the editors of VOICES found it and sought permission from Wilma to use it.  The book is designed for use of college level creative writing teachers.  Included with her story is a short bio and her report on the orgins of the story. 

      This is the second of four anthologies for which Gore’s three essays and the short story were purchased in 2009.  Her humorous essay, “Feline Fortitude,” appeared in the 2009 Chicken Soup for the Soul Anthology, What I Iearned from the Cat. 

      Anthologies published in Los Angeles, I DIDN’T GET OLD BEING STUPID, and by The Tampa Marketing Co. in Florida, also puchased her work in 2009 but have not yet published. 

     Wilma was profiled by Lu Stitt (“At Random” in Sedona Red Rock News for the issue of Dec. 3, 2009

       Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors Vol. 39.  Nov. 2 Apr/May 2010


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