Story Porridge- Children’s Books, stories that will stick to your heart…and nourish your soul


       Stories that will stick to your heart…and nourish your soul! 

      “Story Porridge” celebrates the imagination of every child by engaging them in interactive storytelling.  It encourages children to appreciate the power of words through vocabulary building and the pleasure of designing stories of their very own! 

      If living in the Tucson Arizona vicinity

      Invite STORY PORRIDGE into your classroom, home or other venue to enjoy a story hour with you and your children!  When you arrange for a visit from STORY PORRIDGE participants will be eligible to purchase books at 50% off the retail price!  Other special items will be available to the hosting party as a free “thank you” gift for inviting STORY PORRIDGE to visit. 

      A small fee of $20.oo is requested for groups of 30 or less.  This fee will be waived with purchase of a minimum of three books (at half the price!)

      Books are also available for purchase online at our website: http//

      or you may contact us at:

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