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      by Barbara Betts

       Have you ever found yourself tangled in a web of adversities and you wanted an escaped route? Caregiver, Barbara Betts, knows from experience that God can sustain you no matter what life dishes out to you. A small unpretentious node would be the beginning of a life threatening disease so destructive that her husband, Bill, would be fighting a battle that would take them to a deep dark pit where the only way out would be a stem cell transplant. What Bill received from the transplant were millions of stem cells, a brother’s gift of love. For Barbara, it would be many discoveries transplanted into her heart with lessons that would forever change her life. You will laugh and cry with her as she shares from a caregiver’s perspective her heart-wrenching personal struggles, disappointments and many victories. Reading her very personal journals will give you valuable information about stem cells transplants. You will appreciate her honesty and will be able to identify with many of her circumstances. I t is easy to read, with a powerful message that is uplifting and encouraging even while seeing up-close some difficult experiences and setbacks. Because all people will face adversities such as sufferings, illness, trials and hardship, the book is relevant to understanding not only how we are to respond to adversities but how God will use adversities for our good and His purposes. It’s a story of God’s amazing intervention.

       Statistics show that one of three people will eventually get cancer. A lot of books have been written about cancer from the patient’s viewpoint, but few from a caregiver’s perspective. All of those cancer patients have someone who will step into the role of a caregiver, and this book addresses insights and challenges they might face. Especially the women caregivers will be able to connect with the author’s emotions and personal experiences while trying to balance their daily lives.

       Readers who are interested in learning about a stem cell transplant and patients who are considering this treatment option will want to read this book.   For example: Just at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston alone, there are over 600 stem cell transplants done annually.   We believe there is a market for this information that will assist both caregivers and patients. There are textbooks and manuals written about stem cell transplants from the medical professionals but seeing this entire experience from the eyes of a caregiver gives a fresher look into the process. These insights will be helpful but even more important will be the spiritual lessons learned that can be applied to anyone who is facing a difficult trial. Caregivers and patients are the target audience, but this book will be of interest to any believer because of the Biblical truths conveyed.

       Barbara & Bill Betts

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