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Dianne Ebertt Beeaff Novelist- POWER’S GARDEN released

      Dianne Ebertt Beeaff’s first novel, POWER’S GARDEN, was released in June of 2009 by Five Star Publications of Chandler, Arizona.  The book weaves the tale of two southeastern Arizona families- one Texan, the other Mormon- whose cutures colide during trying economic times.  As World War I rages in Europe, a crippling drought engulfs the Gila Valley.  The Brennick and Beecham families develop an embattled but gripping relationship.  The story is told against the background of an historical 1918 shootout in the nearby Galliuro Mountains in which several Mormon lawmen, along with the Texas Power family patriarch, were killed. 

      Meticulously researched, POWER’S GARDEN won Honorable Mention in Published Fiction in the Arizona Association’s 2009 Literary Contest and a Finalist in Historical Fiction with 2009 USA Book News National Best Books Awards.

      Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors Vol. 39, No. 1  Feb-Mar. 2010


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Kore Press- Eve Ensler’s new play, I AM AN EMOTIONAL CREATURE: THE SECRET LIVES OF GIRLS premiered


       Huzzah! Women In Action
      Abroad and at Home

      Playwright and activist Eve Ensler’s new play, “I am an Emotional Creature: The Secret Lives of Girls,” premiEve Ensler's New Workered in November 2009, in Mumbai, India.   In this innovative work, Ensler tackles the oppression faced by girls across the world.   In what some critics are calling the play’s most poignant monologue, a survivor of rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo uses dark humor to describe a “Guide to Surviving Sex Slavery.”   Other  monologues are of an Israeli girl who refuses the draft; a Kenyan girl who escapes genital mutilation; and a Chinese girl who makes Barbies in a factory.   Read more about the debut in this article from Women’s enews.org.

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