Arizona Authors Association & Arizona Literary Magazine- Co-Sponsors of the 2010 Arizona Literary Contest & Awards


      Deadline: July 1, 2010       Awards: November 5, 2010 

      Unpublished Categories

      Short Stories, Poetms, Essay, Articles, True Stories/ Novels/ Novellas

       Published Books Categories

      Fiction, Nonfiction, Children’s Literature

      Arizona Literary Magazine

     Five Star Publications, Inc.  “Your Story Begins Here Since 1985” 

      Arizona Authors Association

     Literary Contest Corodinator

      6145 W. Echo Lane

      Glendale, Az  85302 

       Contest Rules & Submission Guidelines 

       Winners in upublished categories automatically consign first serial rights to Arizona Authors Association (right to print an excerpt in Arizona Literary Magazine first).  If an entry becomes published after the deadline, it is the responsibility of the author to withdraw that entry. 

      Winning entries will be published or featured in the 2010  Arizona Literary Magazine. 

      Entries will be accep;ted starting January 1, 2010 and postmarked no later than July 1, 2010. 

      Unpublished categories: Three copies of each entry. 

      Published E-books must be submitted in print & bound form like a galley or ARC.

      All published books, including E-books must include ISBN, copyright dates, and publisher information.

      Except for poems, all unp;ublished manuscripts must be doubled-speaced, with 12-point characters and 1-inch margin, stapled or paper clipped. 

      Page numbers & titles on header- all pages.

       Fill out a separate entry form for each entry.  Forms may be copied or printed from our website. 

      Unpublished novels & novellas must be completed and available upon the judge’s request.

      Manuscripts will not be returned (except with requested critiques).  Published books will be donated. 

      All finalists will be notified in advance.

      The judges reserve the right to switch the category for an entry, to cancel a category if the number of entries is insufficient, or to decide not to have a winner if the level of the best entries is not up the publishing industry standards. 

      Any entry not conforming to the guidelines will be disqualified without notifying the author.  There will be no refund for desqualified entries.

      Unpublished Entries

       Poems @ $15  (50-line maximum)

      Short Stories @ $20 (15-page maximum)

      Essays/ Articles/ True Stories  (15-page maximum) $20

      Novels/ Novellas @30  (5-page synopsis & first 25 papes

      Published Entries 

      2009 or 2919 publication date. 

       Judged on literary merit first, production values second. 

      Novels/Novellas or short Stories Collections @ $30

      Nonfiction books @ $30

      Children’s Lit. at $20 each 

       Critiques: Only for unpublished works, already entered in contest 

      Poetry @ $15

     Short stories @ $20

      Essay/Article @$20

       Make checks payable to and mail entries to:  Arizona Authors Association/ 6145 West Echo Lane Glendale, Arizona 85302

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