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M. L. McCann Author- LONGJOHNER’S MYSTERIES, for middle readers and their families

      The LONGJOHNER’S MYSTERIES, for middle readers and their families 

      by M. L. McCann

      What a blast to camp on a private island- until someone raids the camp.  How cool to build a tree house; but what if you saw from it window something you weren’t meant to see?  Or, what if a snowmobile struck and badly hurt your brother then sped off into the night?  Can you imagine finding two bodies in your grandma’s corn maze?  And what would you do if someone was trying to steal your family treasure?  Find all the answers in THE LONGJOHNERS’ MYSTERY SERIES.  The series now contains five titles, the last of which, THE TWELVE TEARS OF APRIL, won a National award for literature. 

      For pricing information, including attractive discounts, please email: Gigimm2@yahoo.com


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