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Charles Bowden Author- EXODUS/EXODO


      by Charles Bowden, photograpsh by Julian Cardona.  University of Texas Press 

      “Author Charles Bowden stands on America’s southern border ‘in the stream of the largest migration on earth.  And it is not season labor.  The people walking north are not going home again” (page 92).  It is an exodus of historic proportions.  This book is that story in all its confusion and trauma, fear and optimism.  Bowden’s gnawing prose could stand alone, as could the dramtic photographs of Julian Cardona, but together they make a withering disparch from the front lines.  This is a relentless book of global significance and scale.” – Bill Boyles

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Praise For MEDLEY OF MURDER- “Mystery Gems”

      Praise for MEDLEY OF MURDER

      *  “A sparkling collection of mystery gems.  Sure to please discriminaing readers.”  – Carol Hart, author of the DEATH ON DEMAND and HENRIE O mystery series.

      *  “Wow.  From rotting bodies in fuel barrels to postcards from the edge, plus worried mothers, murder noir, remantic suspense and classic police mysteries, MEDLY OF MURDER, has something for everyon.”- Connie Flynn, author of SHADOW ON THE MOON and SHADOW OF THE WOLF

      *  “Deception, murder and characters who stay with you long aafter the book is done.” – Sinclair Browning, author of the TRADE ELLIS mystery series.

      Book published by Red Coyote Press

     P. O. Box 60582

      Phoenix, Az  85082


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