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Judy Ray Poet- TO FLY WITHOUT WINGS, poems



      “Judy Ray is a true daughter of Mnomosyne, as one sees in such an exquisite memory-poem as ‘Glue Cardigan,’ where evry detail of scene and mood has been recaptured or never lost.  Such a powere to evoke the past depends, of course, on passionate noticing in the present, which enables us to see a chance conjunction of copper beetles and gold wedding rings.  (‘In the Formal Gardens’) or those other rings which include the poem ‘Promenade’: ‘…choreographed/circles of the paseo, or maybe familiar bar stools/ or silent contemplation as the sun melts the horizon.’  The exactitude of that word ‘melts’ is found again in the poet’s description of bats ‘squatting among attic treasures, suspensions/ of threat hung in daytime like wet gloves from clothes pegs.’ The poems of THE FLY WITHOUT WINGS see with the fine descriptive eye, but also and always, as in the charming poem ‘Evening,’ with compassion or joy.” – Richard Wilbur 

      “Wise and warm, dramatic and dedicated, Judy Ray’s skilled poems of passion for justice and boldness for peace stand out among contemporary voices.  There’s nothing she can’t write about affectingly whether in small talk or shaped poem as she turns her past into our present, like her memory of going to bed on the English farm where she grew up that becomes for us ‘candles moving like fireflies up the dark stairs.’  Sometimes memory is too painful, as in ‘Letter: M is for Memory’ in which not words but ‘shadows might be best.’  In these poems, that loving, ancient goddesses of peace and beauty rise from among the catastrophes and destruction.”- F. D. Reeve

      “There’s a calm center in these sometimes playful and varied poems as Judy Ray guides us back to an English childhood with luminous family portraits, meditations on landscape and memory, the nature of matter and tributes to worlds both perceived and imagined.  World traveler on five continents, she gives us the clear-eyed pleasures of weltanschauung.  Judy Ray is the real deal and I salute her.”- Colette Inez

      ISBN 978-1-884235-42-9

      Helicon Nine Editions

      Kansas City . Los Angeles

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