Marili Fernandez-Ilagan- People’s cultural movement in Mindanao

Marili Fernandez-Ilagan is an “artist-teacher-organizer-researcher”, honing her artistry in the vibrant people’s cultural movement in Mindanao since the 1980s. She has performed the gamut of theater work in rural and urban settings, in the Philippines and many parts of the globe. Her well-rounded practice is attributed to her immersion with Kulturang Atin Foundation, Inc., Mindanao Community Theater Network, and Kaliwat Theater Collective, Inc. Among the aspects of her performances, workshops and interactions abroad was an artistic residency with the drama department of the Flinders University in South Australia. Now based in Metro Manila, Marili puts to good use her theater background in live musical productions, video and television pieces as performer, musical scorer and production consultant. She hopes to eventually document her experiences and insights towards a more enlightening and relevant involvement in theater.

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