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       Friends and Members of the Arizona Book Publishing Association in Southern

      * May  30: Alicja Mann Reading

Saturday, 2:00 PM
BORDERS bookstore 5870 E. Broadway Blvd, Park Place Mall, Tucson
Telephone: 520-584-0111

       Alicja Mann will read from her newly released book “Looking at the World
Twice: Essays & Poems on Identity, Belonging and Otherness”

       About the Book:
      The author writes from the perspective of “the other European” (from Eastern
) and “the other American” (an immigrant).   She came to the States from
Poland at a time when it was still dominated by Soviet-style Communism.   In
her new country she transformed herself from a scientist to a writer.   These
essays and poems take the reader on a journey through places and time
addressing issues of identity, alienation, belonging and responsibility.
  Sometimes funny, sometimes tearful, but always thoughtful, this book charms
and provokes.   It invites the reader to sit and reflect, as symbolized by the
art on the cover.

      Published by Word Studio: http://word-studio.com
Contact Alicja Mann: 520-344-7440 or 520-320-0758

Robert Casler, Southern Arizona Chair

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Andy Ohrn- A CLEARING OF THE WAY by John Montford Gist

        I feel compelled to bring the author John Montfort Gist to your attention, especially since he lives in New Mexico and has written two novels set in the southwest.

        Gist, I think, feeds off of Cormac McCarthy as Mcarthy once fed off of Faulkner, and is developing a nice little obsession of his own.

        His novels are set primarily in the Southwest and the latest, “A Clearing of the Way” reads like a Fualkneresque pot boiler transported to the present day desert.

       From what I understand, he is still fairly young as far as writers are concerned.   In short, he deserves more press, especially from his own kind here in the southwest. I feel the tide turning back to an American Letters that are gritty, individualistic and, frankly, dangerous!

Thank you for your time.


by John Gist
High Sierra Books
January 2004, 215 pages, $24.95

by Robert Hickey
PopMatters Books and Music Critic

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Psycho Babble

It begins, like so many dark stories do, with a corpse. Jesse, a latter-day hippie with a deck of tarot cards and a decidedly idiosyncratic take on the scriptures, lies dead.

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Chauncey Mabe, Sun Sentinel- POE: A LIFE CUT SHORT by Peter Ackroyd

      POE: A LIFE CUT SHORT by Peter Ackroyd: Nan A. Tulese (Doubleday $21.95)

      Chauncey Mabe writes “Peter Ackroyd, a historian, novelist and the author of the best Shakespeare biography I’ve found, is nothing if not readable and credible.  In this little book, he examines the life of Edgar Allan Poe to show why the author of “The Raven” and “The Fall of the House of Usher” still matters.” 

      “Ackroyd gives us a rounded portrait, including items that may have eluded our English teachers.  Still, Ackroyd gives only glancing attention to a number of intriguing matters.”

      “Of course, I am asking for a different book than the one Ackroyd has written.  If he answered my querulous demands for aditional information, POE: A LIFE CUT SHORT would soon be something approaching a full biography.”

      Taken from the Arizona Daily Star  Friday, March 13, 2009

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