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David Hendricks, San Antonio Express-News, AGINCOURT by Bernard Cornwell

       AGINCOURT by Bernard Cornwell, (Harper Collins, $27.99)

     David Hendricks writes,  “Foll0wing two recent historical studies of English King Henry V’s improbable military victory on a muddy French farm in 1415, it is not surprising a historical novel would appear to tell the story in a more visual, personable manner.”

      “With AGINCOURT, prodigious novelist Bernard Cornwell presents a wonderful fictional version of the English army invasion of France and the subsequent showdown battle.  Cornwell, alreadly widely known for his medieval historical novels and his Richard Sharpe series, which follows an English soldier through the Napoleonic wars, picked names off the 1415 rosters of soldiers and invented backgrounds, personalities and interrelationships.”

      “Cornwell’s narrative is grisly at times, and the author displays a flair for inventing colorful and obscene medieval in insults.”

      David Hendricks, San Antonio Express-News

     Taken  from the Arizona Daily Star  Friday, March 13, 2009

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