Jennifer Ward- Author of Books for Children

      Jennifer Ward is the author of numerous books for children, including WAY OUT IN THE DESERT; SOMEWHERE IN THE OCEAN; OVER IN THE GARDEN, THE SEED AND THE GIANT SAGUARO; THE LITTLE CREEK, FOREST BRIGHT/FOREST NIGHT; THERE A COYATE WHO SWALLOWED A FLEA; BECAUSE YOU ARE MY BABY; WAY UP IN THE ATTIC; and THERE WAS AN OLD MONKEY WHO SWALLOWED A FROG.  Her award-winning titles have been featured in magazines such of “Ranger Rick, “Your Big Backyard Learning Magazine,” and “Martha Stewart’s Real Simple, and she has been featured on national television and radio.  She is also the author of I LOVE DIRT! 52 ACIVIRTIES TO HELP AND YOUR KIDS DISVOER THE WONDERS OF NATURE and forcoming THE BUSY THREE, LET’S GO OUTSIDE! OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES AND PROJECTS TO GET YOU9 AND YOUR KIDS CLOSER TO NATURE.

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