Linda Leonard- Author and Jungian analyst

      Linda Leonard is a Jungian analyst trained in Zurich and the author of best-selling books, including THE WOUNDED WOMAN: HEALING THE FATHER-DAUGHTER RELATIONSHIP, CREATION’S HEARTBEAT, MEETING THE MADWOMAN: EMPOWERING THE FEMININE SPIRIT, THE CALL TO CREAT: CELEBRATING ACTS OF IMAGINATION, WITNESS TO THE FIRE: CREATIVITY AND THE VEIL OF ADDICTION, and FOLLOWING THE REINDEER WOMAN: ON THE WAY TO THE WEDDING: TRANSFORMING THE LOVE RELATIONSHIP has been translated into twelve languages.  She is founding member of the inter-RegionalSociety of Jungian Analysists and is in private practice in Boulder and aspen, Colorado.


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2 responses to “Linda Leonard- Author and Jungian analyst

  1. J. Estes

    How do I get an appointment?

    -Jeffery Estes

  2. I would contact Linda Schierse Leonard, Ph.D.
    through the Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Boulder Psychotherapy Institute
    Boulder, CO phone: 720 304 3032

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